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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:29


Nurturing the natural environment through the manufacture of titanium products

We manufacture and sell Enrei brand products utilizing metal materials and precision metal processing. We have various processing techniques, including precision sheet metal, polishing, cutting, and joining, and we can perform a wide variety of processing.  We can work with difficult-to-process materials. 

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Enrei plate series
Unique surface finishes on the stainless steel plates are patterns that give a sense of nature, have different expressions, have a feel of warmth and softness although these are a metal, and stimulate the user’s imagination.
A plate with a double-layered structure can provide you with more delicious food at an appropriate temperature by warming or cooling the dish prior to serving.
 Moreover, plates with temperature control function using hot or cold water that has been inserted through the inlet on the base can be used to keep the food at a suitable temperature while eating. The plate is a stage for providing even more delicious and appealing dishes.
We are promoting thorough improvement in customer satisfaction by sticking to “price”, “quality,” and “delivery time.”

In-house processing equipment
Laser processing
 Two-dimensional/3D laser cutting
 YAG laser welding/TIG welding/Inverter spot welding processing/Himax spot welding
 Turret punch pressing/bending/press deep drawing
 A dedicated polishing line is installed in-house.

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