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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:29

ND INADA Co., Ltd.

Using clean coating to produce high-quality metal and plastic precision painting

We offer precision metal and plastic coating using a clean coating. 

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overviews
Business content/characteristics
We provide precision painting of metal and plastic using clean coating. We handle a variety of materials such as stainless steel, polycarbonate, magnesium, ABS, ABS-PC, and polyamide + polycarbonate. We have many types and methods of coating, and we propose the most suitable coating based on our track record and experience. Moreover, we provide smooth and beautiful coating from undercoating using high-quality coating technology; therefore, you can expect to avoid coating failures while maintaining high quality.
Overview of main products and technologies
  Airborne microparticles and microorganisms in the air are controlled so as to maintain them below the required cleanliness level, and materials, chemicals, water, and others are bought into that space without impurities or trash, making it possible to obtain a space without trash. The room is designed to control the room pressure to prevent infiltration of trash from outside and to maintain the shape and distribution of airflow, such as the direction and speed of the clean wind, within a certain scope, realizing high quality.
Message from the representative (initiatives for future market development and intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
If you have a problem with having only small lots or if your business partner refuses your request for a sample product, please contact us. As there are various types and methods of painting, we will propose the best painting based on our track record and experience. Furthermore, if you have products for which you need to be particular about the finish, or if you are worried about complaints, we will eliminate your concerns using painting equipment with a clean room. We have created an environment where customers can make requests with peace of mind; therefore, we support production so that you can trust us with the products when you place an order and after delivery.

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