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Performing processes ranging from designing to producing jigs and tools in a one-stop manner

We are good at producing jigs for the automobile industry. We mainly produce "assembly, clamping, and inspection jigs for resin molded components".  Our jigs are used for design-oriented parts. Our clients request us to produce "the jigs that never cause scratches in products". To not only meet the requests but also to achieve "productivity (workability), maintainability, and low cost", we have accumulated know-how in terms of design and technology.

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Designing and producing jigs
Technologies that we are good at
-Assembly and clamping jigs for the secondary processing of resin molded products
-Comprehensive strength in processes ranging from designing to producing jigs, equipment, and so on
-Processing and shaving complicated 3D shapes
-Ultra high‐precision machining without grinding in NC lathes 
Design capabilities
In 2011, we established a Design Office in Vietnam, increasing the number of our Design Departments (bases) to two. The combination of the delicacy and creative power of Japanese engineers and the modeling capabilities and industriousness of Vietnamese engineers creates diversity in design capabilities. Furthermore, the combination ensures highly competitive superiority in terms of price.
<Jigs for the secondary processing of resin molded products>
-Vibration welding jigs
-Ultrasonic welding jigs
-Hot plate welding jigs
-Clamping jigs for high frequency welders 
-Clamping jigs for instrument panel assembly
-Clamping jigs for console assembly
-Inspection jigs for glove boxes
-Assembly jigs for automobile glass
-Easy auto-assembly machines 
-Product inspection jigs
-Missing part inspection jigs
-Clamping jigs for hot stamps
-Clamping jigs for pad printing
-Clamping jigs for silk-screen printing
-Gate cutting jigs
-Trimming jigs
-Various types of assembly jigs
-Various types of clamping jigs

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