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Our company faces customer problems squarely.

Our company manufactures jigs and does works on consignment. Our works are assembling, pressing, gate cutting, welding, secondary processing, and inspection. Entrust us with everything to solve issues in relation to quality, delivery time, cost, and human risks.

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We design and manufacture various jigs and progressive press dies, and offer Kaizen proposals for shortening the construction period, improving quality, and shortening delivery time.

■ Example 1 ■ Machine processing → shortening the construction period to press punching
We planned to drill molded products by machining.However, we were unable to secure the number of deliveries due to quality variations and unplanned increase in man-hours. Shortening, achieving both cost reduction and quick delivery.

■ Example 2 ■ High spin caulking to press caulking
In response to the problem that cost reduction is not possible with the current high spin caulking, we have proposed a process change from a single-cavity high spin caulking method to a multi-cavity press caulking method, and achieved cost reduction by reducing man-hours.

■ Example 3 ■ Jigging the manual process into a jig
In order to eliminate the variability of manual operation check inspections, we proposed the use of a jig using a belt system, which eliminated variance and improved productivity.
Cost reduction
There are advantages and disadvantages of in-house production and outsourcing. Fuji Technics makes our own proposals and verifications for cost reduction.
You don't have to worry. Please leave the problem as it is.

In-house manufacturing
・ Management guidance can be provided within reach.
・ Management costs increase.
・ It is necessary to prepare a work place in the company.
・ Worker adjustment is required due to a plan increase or decrease.

・ In-house production reduces management costs. (Cost competitive)
・ You need no follow-up work because management can be entrusted.
・ The burden of production planning and worker adjustment can be reduced.
・ Prior guidance and confirmation are required.
・ Immediate feedback is necessary on problems.

Our company makes a lot of transactions with relatively distant customers, We have gained trust in management, including feedback systems.
We handle various risks by utilizing our accumulated know-how.

・ Human risks → Retention rate and proficiency rate
・ Quality risks → Education and technology
・ Delivery time risks → Responsibility and trust

For example, non-regular employment and the use of contractors have advantages and disadvantages.

Non-regular employment
・ The required staff can be adjusted for work changes.
・ In many cases, the worker retention rate is low.
・ Education is difficult because the period is limited.

・ Education is possible enough.
・ The fixation rate is high.
・ The staff work outside the company. (Trust necessary)

Please leave the risks to us as they are.

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