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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:44

ODK co., ltd.

Using craftsmanship, the latest equipment, and new techniques, we manufacture high-quality plastic molding dies and metal stamping parts.

We design and manufacture dies and molds for plastic molding and die casting and also produce parts using metal pressing. We have begun manufacturing semiconductor power modules (dies and molds, parts, and assembly units), aluminum die-cast made reflectors, heat sinks, and high-quality products including light distribution.

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Strengths of the Nagata Denzai Kogyo Group
Strengths of the group
Nagata Denzai Kogyo Group
Nagata Denzai Kogyo was established in 1970 with the manufacturing of metal components as its primary business. All employees are engaged in the production innovation activity for the establishment of the QCD approach to ensure that our customers are always satisfied, and we are aiming at higher productivity for our company.
Aito Denshi Co. Ltd., an affiliate company, was established in 1984. The company started with the manufacture of semiconductor power modules and later received orders for molds, parts, and assemblies. In 1991, expecting further development of the company while responding to the changing times and market needs, our company acquired processed data of 3D free-form surfaces, said to be the top-of-class technique in the industry, along with the processing technique, and started manufacturing the molds for moldings of automobile lamps. Currently, we can handle molds of 1300-t molding machines.
Furthermore, we started manufacturing aluminum die-casting molds for automobiles using the 3D free form. In November 2005, we established Creative Diecast Corporation to better serve our customers.
Nagata Denzai Kogyo group aspires to be a company wherein the technical innovation we have always cultivated is transformed into expertise and young talented human resources are encouraged to toward flexible thinking and creating new value so that we can respond to the forthcoming new era.
“Capture the needs, deliver quality with intent, and pursue customer satisfaction.” Monozukuri craftsmanship aims to meet the upstream demand and accurately capture and reflect the intentions and requirements of our customers to improve customer satisfaction and performance through seeking continuous improvement of our effectiveness and production innovation using quality management.
Integrated production
While utilizing pressing plants, assembly plants, molding plants, die-casting plants, and their respective strengths, we gather technologies and share information to serve our customers through a mass production technology using an integrated processing system.
Corporate Culture
Aligning the vector with the customer’s vision
Respond to requests...establishment of a system based on customers
Act quickly…flexible and quick response
Meet delivery deadlines...sincerely respond with respect to delivery deadlines
Environmental philosophy
To pass on the abundant blessings of our beautiful earth to later generations, we shall develop corporate activities in harmony with the natural environment based on environmental conservation as one of the most critical challenges of management.
Group company
Creative Diecast Corporation
Location: 3677-4, Ohata, Tsuru city, Yamanashi prefecture
Capital: 20 million yen
Number of employees: 58
Business items: Production and sale of die-casting products 
ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified
Aito Electronic Corporation
Location: 393-81, Ono, Tsuru city, Yamanashi prefecture
Capital: 10 million yen
Number of employees: 60 
Business items: Semiconductor products, electronic parts, and electrical components
Equipment owned by three group companies
Nagata Denzai Kogyo
3D CAD/CAM: 21 machines
Machining processor: 14 machines
Die-engraving electric discharge machining: 3 machines
Wire processing machine: 2 machines
Die spotting press: 2 machines
Die spotting press: 2 machines
3D measuring instrument: 1 machine
Modeling machine for trial: 1 machine
Press equipment: 16 machines
Surface grinder: 2 machines
Shirring machine: 1 machine
Toolmaker’s microscope: 1 machine
Factory crane: 6 machines
Creative Diecast
Casting machine and press machine: 22 machines
Grinding machine: 8 machines
Processor: 9 machines
Inspection/cleaning equipment: 5 machines
Other equipment including ultrasonic cleaners
Aito Electronic Corporation
Production line
Chip mount line: A line for mounting semiconductor chips with a high-speed mounter and soldering
Basing line: A line that forms a circuit by incorporating external terminals, bases, and insulating substrates.
Finished product inspection line: A characteristic inspection line that uses a large amount of power

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