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Oh’TEC Electronics Co., Ltd.

Autech Electronics' Product Strength
Our products are crystals of advanced and comprehensive design capabilities and inspection know-how.

Autech Electronics manufactures and sells inspection equipment that utilizes advanced and wide-ranging design capabilities and inspection know-how. We also produce contract development products. Autech Electronics supports future health and security with ICT and IOT with technical skills, and challenges the needs of the times with flexible and creative mind.

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Autech Electronics' technical capabilities and products
Technical categories
1 Design technology
① Electrical and electronic circuit design
② Program design
③ Mechanism design
④ Control design
⑤ Man-machine interface design
⑥ Wireless circuit design
2 Measurement and inspection judgment technology
① Electrical characteristics (voltage, current, resistance, impedance, etc.)
② Pressure, load and torque characteristics
③ Dimensions (measurement / position correction) / shape (angle / roundness etc.)
④ Chromaticity and brightness
Acoustic characteristics
Temperature and fire judgment
Technical know-how
1. Electric and electronic circuit design
① Analog circuit design
② Digital circuit design
③ Microcomputer circuit design
2. Software design
① FA inspection program design
② FA control program design
③ OA programming
Microcomputer software programming
Website creation
3. Mechanical design
① Automatic machine and labor saving machine design
② Jig design
③ Sequence control design
Product lineup - In-house products
Autech's specialty is technology capable of performing fast, accurate, and error-free inspections that humans cannot do. We provide a lineup of inspection devices making full use of this technology.
◆ OLC Series LED testers
Our company provides testers for high-speed, high-precision LED characteristic inspections. We also offer a variety of lineups, including models that inspect high-power LEDs, which are currently the mainstream in lighting. One of Autech's representative products.

OLC-7 Ultrahigh-speed, multi-element simultaneous lighting type
Maximum current applied measurement: 350 mA
Maximum voltage applied measurement: 20 V
Equipped with function for lighting up to four elements simultaneously
Space-saving design by integrated PC
Recommended for backlight LED

OLC-1.5AP Pulse application measurement type
Maximum current applied measurement: 1.5 A
Maximum voltage applied measurement: 20 V
Equipped with pulse application measurement function
Space-saving design by integrated PC
Recommended for LED for lighting

OLC-2AC Large current type
  Maximum current applied measurement: 2 A
  Maximum voltage applied measurement: 40 V
  Easy-to-use general-purpose specifications
  Recommended for lighting LED

OLC-2AD high speed⊿VF inspection type
  Maximum current applied measurement: 2 A
  Maximum voltage applied measurement: 40 V
  Equipped with high-speed ⊿VF function
  Recommended for lighting LED

OLC-110V high voltage type
  Maximum current applied measurement: 600 mA
  Maximum voltage applied measurement: 110 V
  Supporting high voltage and 600 mA current
  Recommended for lighting LED

OLC-220V high voltage type
  Maximum current applied measurement: 300mA
  Maximum voltage applied measurement: 220V
  Model specialized for high voltage
  Recommended for lighting LED

OLC-300W large current and high voltage type
  Maximum current applied measurement: 3A
  Maximum voltage applied measurement: 300V
  High-end model for both large current and high voltage
  Recommended for lighting LED

OLC-1F simple checker of excellent cost performance
  Maximum current applied measurement: 300mA
  Maximum voltage applied measurement: 10V
  High-speed, compact, low-cost taping model
  Recommended for backlight LED

◆ Pocket oscilloscope POS-4
・ Lightweight and compact
・ 4-channel simultaneous measurement possible
・ Tablet/smartphone connection

Basic specifications
・ Ambient temperature 0 to 35ºC (However, there should be no sudden temperature change,)
・ Relative humidity: 30 to 80% (No condensation)
・Sampling rate: 4Msps (when using only CH1) / 2Msps (when using only CH1 and CH2) / 1Msps or less (when using CH1, CH2, CH3, and CH4)
・ Maximum input voltage: ±35V
・ Measurement range ± 30V
・ Resolution: ± 35V / 12bit (17mV) * A / D converter resolution
・ DC measurement accuracy: ± 0.2V (Vavg: 10ms / 2.5ksps / Disp20ms)
・ System noise: ± 150mV
・ Frequency band CH1 = 400KHz
CH2 = 200KHz
CH3, CH4 = 100KHz
・ Buffer size ¥ 500 / CH
・ Trigger mode Auto / Normal / Single
・ Trigger type: Rise / Fall (only available for DC measurement)
・ Equipped functions MATH function (waveform calculation function: addition / subtraction of 2CH) / Measurement function (waveform measurement function: Vavg, Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, frequency, period, duty, positive pulse width, negative pulse width)
・ USB connector micro-B
・ Supported OS Android Ver4.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher
・ Compatible USB Tablet with USB-A terminal / OTG compatible smartphone (USB host cable compatible with OTG is required)
・ Current consumption: 60mA or less (Power supply is from HOST)
・ Input impedance: 10MΩ or more
・ Dimensions: 65mm (H) × 35mm (W) × 12.7 (D)
・ Weight: 20g
・ Body color: white, black, pink
・ Accessory: Probe cable (20cm) × 1 pc.
* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
Products of consignment development
Autech Electronics' unique and original ideas and the logic behind them have changed incapability to capability in various fields. Our company provides a lineup of products reflecting safety management, cost performance, and frontier spirit.
◆ Automatic fire-fighting robot
The robot finds a fire with a thermo-surveillance camera and automatically extinguishes it with pinpoint accuracy.
Our company provides such robots of various types to respond to various conditions, such as floor-standing type, ceiling traveling type, and large hall installation type. They are useful for crisis management at airports and other locations. 
◆ Antarctic ice sheet excavation control device
The device is used in the control unit of an excavating drill of the National Institute of Polar Research to drill the 3,000 m ice sheet in Antarctica.
Using this device, 3,035 m was excavated and a 720,000-year-old ice core was collected.
◆ 512-channel measurement system
The device collects multiple wind speed data at high speed for wind tunnel experiments on buildings.
The high-speed simultaneous collection of multiple channel data makes it possible to analyze the measured data of a wide range of structures.
Data is processed by hardware.

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