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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:17


NC automatic lathe, composite automatic lathe, NC lathe, composite lathe, machining by machining center, integrated production, and high-mix low-volume production

Entrust our company with bar (long shaft, camshaft, and eccentric shaft) processing and block processing. We support precision metal cutting from prototyping to high-mix low-volume production and mass production. We also respond to a wide range of customer needs and VA/VE proposals.

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Sales Pitch

Business description, and outline of products and technology
Business description and features
Under the concept of a creative cutting shop, we meet all kinds of products and needs with the latest equipment, young energy, and outstanding technical capabilities. We use our achievements and experience not only to meet requests for parts processing and manufacturing but also to help the trial manufacture of experimental equipment by universities and development by research institutes. We currently supply parts to major manufacturers of LCD and semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, food machines, major transportation (conveyor) equipment, and robot equipment.
Outline of main products and technology
Our company has many NC automatic lathes, machining centers, and NC lathes in both Saitama Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture. We are working hard to create customer parts that embody the creativity of our customers, such as long small-diameter shaft processing, precision pin processing by complex machining, and milling. We support high-mix low-volume production from prototyping to medium-volume production. We have established an integrated production system that supports material procurement and surface treatment as well. As for shaft machining, we specialize in complex machining of shafts up to 32 mm in diameter and 2200 mm in length.
Representative's Message (Initiatives for future sales channel development, intention to use JEGTECH, etc.)
Since establishment, our company has received support from many people. We reached our 60th anniversary this year. We would like to express heartfelt thanks to our customers. Our corporate philosophy is to fulfill corporate responsibilities. In recent years, violations of laws and regulations by companies have been taken up as a major social issue. We will not only comply with laws and regulations, but also strive to act in accordance with the spirit of laws and regulations so that we will not violate laws, even if we make mistakes. To fulfill our responsibilities as a company is to keep promises with our customers and business partners from the perspective of laws. We will, without delay, implement and upgrade technologies, systems, and facilities that are necessary to keep our promises in light of world-level trends. Based on these efforts, we will ensure that all employees keep our promises. We will keep brushing up our technologyso that people will call us a company of technology. Thank you for your guidance and encouragement.

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