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Creating new values by two-color molding and elastomer molding

Our company manufactures plastic parts by molding.
We have successfully reduced the assembly processes for cost reduction by two-color molding (two-color, multi-color, and dissimilar materials) and realized multi-functionality with elastomer materials. Elastomer materials are reborn as high value-added products with improved luxury and feel.
We have a consistent mass production system from plastic mold design to production and part injection molding.
In recent years, our company provided various companies with a great deal of consultation regarding the shift from rubber materials to elastomer materials (resins with rubber properties). Please do not hesitate to consult us.

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Techonology introduction
Proposal to expand two-color (two-color, multi-color, different-materials) molding and reduce the number of processes
Two-color (two-color, multicolor, dissimilar materials) molding is a method of molding two different plastic materials at a time. Although high mold structure technology is required, plastics of different colors, materials, and functions can be molded in one process depending on the plastic material used.

□ Patterns combining different plastic materials
We should note that the number of processes has been reduced in the case of assembling after molding. Combining with different plastic materials during molding makes the assembly process unnecessary.

□ Pattern utilizing the non-bonding of different plastic materials
Air conditioner looper parts are a typical example of two-color (two-color, multi-color, dissimilar-material based on the property that different plastic materials do not bond. After all, the assembly process was reduced.

In comparison to conventional injection molding, two-color (two-color, multi-color, different-material) molding can greatly reduce the number of processes. 
If you want to improve the function of plastic parts, please feel free to contact us.
Utilization of elastomer materials - Shift from rubber materials
In recent years, energy-saving and resource-saving measures have also been required for manufacturing. Under these circumstances, elastomer materials are now ofen used instead of rubber materials. Although elastomer is an elastic thermoplastic material, it is environmentally friendly in that it can be recycled. Despite repeated deformation, elastomer remains durable and keeps the same texture as rubber.

Both in terms of environmental impact and flexibility, the need for elastomer as a material to replace rubber in future is increasing. Elastomer, which has the characteristics of high-class feel and good touch, is one of the materials expected to be applicable to various situations as a high value-added part.

We use elastomer to mold parts although it used to be considered impossible. The material has demonstrated our strength in combining two-color (two-color, multi-color, different materials) molding.

Our company has various grades of elastomer materials. Please feel free to contact us.

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