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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:23

Naito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In developing processes, we strive to realize high-precision stamping parts.

We are a pressing manufacturer that realizes 3D-shaped parts by developing processes with a sequential-order transfer press for plate thicknesses of 3.2 to 6.0 mm.

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Sales Pitch

We realize high-precision stamping parts.
Switching to the idea of pressing
With our strategy of "switching to the idea of pressing," we add further value to products, shorten lead times, make cost cuts, and bring other advantages to our customers. We strive to test the highest limits of plastic machining to help you develop new products.

By changing the plate thickness, we can produce pressed parts with diverse shapes and high precision (precision punching, crushing, ironing, drawing, extrusion, and shaving).
Mold development
With CAD/CAM and CAE, we are committed to propose developing and switching to processes best suited for your specifications.
Quality assurance
With our leading-edge inspection equipment and specialists, and with a broad outlook that controls all processes ranging from mold design and manufacture to product completion in an integrated manner, we tackle inspection and measurement and guarantee product quality.

- High-speed CNC 3D measuring equipment
- 3D measuring equipment
- Noncontact 3D measuring equipment
- Surface roughness contour shape measuring equipment
- Projectors
- 3D image measuring equipment

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