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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:21

Sato Denki Seisakusyo Corporation

We are a one-stop manufacturer that addresses all processes ranging from design to sheet metal, painting, and assembly.

Strength 1: Leading-edge machinery and equipment
Strength 2: Integrated production system: design, machining, secondary treatment, assembly
Strength 3: Production of various types in various quantities 
Strength 4: Proposing cost-cutting solutions through VE proposals

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Leading-edge machinery and equipment
Committed particularly to blanking, bending, and welding, and by introducing laser and punching combination machines, automatic mold-exchange bending machines, fiber laser robot welders, and other leading-edge equipment, we manufacture products with high precision and appearance quality.
Integrated production system from design to machining, secondary treatment, and assembly
We have a one-stop production system for all processes ranging from design to member procurement, sheet metal machining, pressing, plating, printout, and assembly. This integrated production system makes it possible to supply high-quality, cheap products.
With our IT-intensive factories, we meet client demands for producing various types of products in different quantities.
With our leading-edge equipment and integrated production system, and by (1) design and parts production with 3D-CAD, (2) production scheduling and delivery date control with our production control system, and (3) promoting IT in our factories by means such as controlling actual progress results, viewing of drawings (for paperless operation), and ensuring traceability with the help of tablets, we can meet your demand for a wide range of production operations ranging from production of multiple varieties in small quantities to mass-production.
Proposing cost cutting solutions with VE proposals
With the technology that we have accumulated through our 70 years of experience, along with 3D-CAD, we consider the best material quality, plate thickness, machining method, and other specifications as early as in the design stage and propose VE solutions.

Among typical cost cutting solutions with VE proposals that we have actually conducted, some examples are (1) reducing deburring by laser machining, (2) automation by burring, tapping, and molding, (3) using a revet-type structure without the use of welding, and (4) adopting fiber laser welding without the use of molds as an alternative to pressing.



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