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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:23

Ichimura Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

"Molds create products" - This is what we are proud of.

We can manufacture 3 billion pins per month at high speed with high precision. Our company is one of the leading stamping manufacturers in Japan that perform in-house integrated production from precision electronic component mold design to press production and quality assurance.

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Manufactured items
We mainly produce press dies and process products for connector terminals, switches and test sockets. In recent years, we have been developing various connector terminals including ultra-fine products for boards to board connectors for mobile phones and smartphones, and industrial equipment. We supply high-quality products to our customers stably at low cost.

The basic idea is to secure employment by performing ultra-precision press processing that can only be done in Japan.
Ichimura Works manufactures products that need not only to be small but also to maintain dimensions in microns. We operate our factories 24 hours a day to manufacture products in large quantities to meet the needs of our customers.

■ Manufacturing item 1 "Connector terminals"
We manufacture all types of connector metal terminals. We can produce the industry's smallest level of narrow-pitch connectors (base-to-base connectors) and FPC connectors used for smartphones. In addition to multi-cavities, press processing at ultra high speed rotation does not allow others to follow.

■ Production item 2 "Switch parts and terminals"
At establishment, we designed slide switches and made use of our processing know-how to specialize in complex and delicate processing.

■ Production item 3 "Terminals for IC socket parts"
We manufacture metal terminals for various LSI test sockets, such as BGA, LGA, and CSP test sockets, and guarantee the dimensions after aging treatment.
Manufacturing processes
◆ Design
First, we plan and propose concrete measures to highly improve both quality and productivity and reduce cost through a construction start meeting with the customer, and solidify the specifications so that the best image can be obtained during production.

The design demands of customers are increasingly difficult, such as high precision, short delivery time, and cost reduction. We are constantly facing new issues and challenging the industry with new ideas.

Ichimura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. works on mold design, production and press working in an in-house integrated system, so issues in each process are immediately fed back to the design and mold improvement can be performed smoothly. The fact that all employees can share the process of challenging manufacturing in the micro-world and achieving the desired accuracy is a special pleasure for our company.

◆ Technology
Die manufacturing is roughly divided into four operations: cutting, grinding, electric discharge machining, and assembly. The precision of the parts to be molded is as fine as one micron and is based on thorough standardization and precision control.
Standardization is performed from two perspectives: system and material. Processing with the latest machine tools based on CAD data passed from the design. Since it takes a lot of time to process the steel material of the holder and the hard metal used for bending, we determine all standard sizes based on past results, process them in advance and stock them. Therefore, the production process is shortened, and quick delivery is realized.

◆ Manufacturing
The finished mold is sent to the precision press processing line to make the product. The press line has been automated in cooperation with the Engineering Department, and has established a production system that can operate 24 hours a day with a minimum number of people.
Currently, 70 press machines are in operation and can produce more than 3 billion pins per month.

Ichimura Manufacturing is specialized in progressive dies, which create a three-dimensional shape using a continuous die technology such as punching, bending, and drawing a metal plate (thickness: 0.03 mm to 1.0 mm), such as phosphor bronze.
The ability to press at the highest speeds in the industry and with micron-level precision is the result of our advanced technology.

◆ Maintenance
Automation of the press line is realized by advanced maintenance technology. We have built a system that allows fine adjustments without removing the mold from the machine, and are constantly working to improve the press line operating rate and defect rate. We are always aware of processes that are easy to maintain from the design stage, even if the mold accuracy deteriorates due to ultra-high speed production.

◆ Quality assurance
Ichimura Manufacturing's motto is to create products that satisfy users with high quality. To that end, we have established a high-level quality assurance system based on international standards for quality management systems established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and are working on continuous improvement. To quantify quality, each employee performs various controls, such as equipping a high-precision measuring instrument, to satisfy 100% of the quality required by each customer.

As mentioned above, in order to further improve inspection accuracy, automatic measurement by computer control has realized "detection and accuracy speed that is no longer possible with human vision," and has been working to maintain the quality of microfabricated products of Ichimura Manufacturing. 

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