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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:08

Alphatech Inc.

For grinding, please bring your project to Alphatech in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Our company applies additional finish to the products to supply customers with higher precision and higher added value. The staff continually strives to take on new challenges to improve their technical skills. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our company performs machining, grinding, lapping, and assembly. We are especially good at grinding and handle various materials from hard to soft material. We can also process non-magnetic materials such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, rubber, and stone. In addition to our ability to cover multiple processes in-house, there is flexible cooperation with partner companies to meet a broader range of needs. As for the processed goods, we can provide products that are made of non-magnetic materials, vacuum chucks, stones, and air slides.
Product/technology outline
Our technology has four characteristics: "Scope of application," "Quality," "Speed," and "Environment." For the scope of application, we can grind on a wide range of works, from small to large sizes. We handle a variety of materials from high hardness materials to soft materials and process non-magnetic materials such as aluminum alloys, copper alloys, rubber, and stone. In terms of quality, based on our quality control experience while working major manufacturers over the years, we established strict quality standards to manufacture high precision products consistently. Regarding speed, we strive to deliver in short lead-time. As for the environment, we are trying to make it a closed system so that the grinding fluid is filtered and circulated in-house, without leaking outside.
About business matching
AlphaTech wants to make a valuable contribution to society. We want to look at existing services at a different angle from other companies and provide useful technologies. To this end, 20% of our work is devoted to original planning and technical studies. Besides, "meet, touch, and socialize" is my motto. I believe that maintaining good relationships with our partner companies will eventually help us make satisfying products for the customers.

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