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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:20

Moro Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

We have the advantage of delivering cut and ground products with short lead times.

Experienced in repairing and machining various pumps, we have been taking orders for emergency repairs on machinery and equipment, ranging from industrial equipment to food equipment. Our leading business areas are the manufacture of parts by using large machining units and gate-type machining equipment, the maintenance of machinery and equipment, and the manufacture of jigs, tools, and devices.

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With our creativity and expertise, we meet clients’ needs.
We manufacture parts that meet production of multiple varieties in small quantities.
We have the advantage of having the expertise for manufacturing parts based on large machining units and gate-type machining equipment.

Our system for integrated production from welding to cutting eliminates time losses.

By keeping materials in stock, employing skillful personnel with first-grade licenses for machine maintenance and machining, and utilizing universal machinery, we manufacture products to propose solutions rather than simply waiting for your orders.

We often have customers that end up deciding to adopt the best and quickest methods for manufacture, such as detailed shape, material, process, or other specifications, that our machinery designers proposed.
We manufacture jigs, tools, and devices indispensable to manufacturing.
For special shaping, we have established a jig department within our company. Our jigs have been adopted even by manufacturers producing some of the world's top-ranking products.

- Manufacture of jigs and tools
With custom-order requirements and proposals embodied, we are a one-stop supplier for integrated operation ranging from the design to the manufacture, assembly, and installation of equipment designed specifically for various production lines and inspection processes. 

We address your needs under the motto of manufacturing jigs and tools that meet client requirements and achieve high production efficiency.

- Manufacture of devices
By taking advantage of our long-cultivated machining technology, we design and manufacture jigs that make the most of the abilities of precision determination and machining tools.

[Applicable business areas]
Manufacture of automobiles, automotive parts, foods, drinks, rubber, plastics, cables, concrete, robots, motorcycles, prepared lumber, textiles, and adhesives

[Inapplicable business areas]
Vacuum and semiconductor devices, electronics circuit boards
Perfect measures with maintenance service
- Maintenance of machinery and equipment in emergencies
Upon receiving an emergency request, we can visit your premises no matter where it is located, for any kind of request, and at any time, with a maintenance car loaded with about 200 kinds of tools, including general and special-purpose tools created based on our previous experiences.

- Recommendations for maintenance
Machinery will break down quickly if you fail to keep it oiled or if they are otherwise neglected. To keep your machinery continuing to function as if they were brand-new for the longest possible period, it is important to take good care of them (that is, service them regularly). Whether for maintenance or for repairs, it is necessary to conduct it regularly, and as early as possible. If you keep using your machine while overstraining it, it will result in unexpected secondary or tertiary damage and may often go so far as to become irreparable.

- Safety measures
To realize a perfect, safe production line, we are committed to safety measures as well.

- Manufacturing safety fences and installing safety fences and safety switches
- Manufacturing and installing handrails, slopes, staircases, and workshops
- Fixing equipment (to make them earthquake-resistant and to give them stable accuracy)
- Reconstructing the system (line) and proposing efficiency-enhancing solutions
- Having presentations and enhancement proposals from forepersons and industrial safety and hygiene representatives.

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