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Professional group of vacuum technology

We propose bonding and joining technologies that change the common sense of fluoroplastics. We manmufacture products by utilizing our strength of "integrating design technology, production technology, and vacuum technology" and our many years of experience and achievements. Our vacuum equipment covers a wide range of fields, ranging from semiconductor, liquid crystal, organic EL, and solar cells to aerospace, automobile, medical, and nuclear power.

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Devices using vacuum technology
We propose vacuum equipment that meets a wide variety of customer needs by combining our experienced vacuum technology and production technology. We support a wide range from R & D to production equipment.

[Vacuum thin-film forming and processing equipment]
For liquid crystals, organic ELs, solar cells, and semiconductors
・ Evaporation equipment
・ Sputtering equipment
・ Dry etching equipment
・ Ashing equipment
・ CVD equipment etc.

[Industrial vacuum equipment]
・ Vacuum exhaust equipment
・ Vacuum heating equipment
・ Vacuum annealing equipment
・ Vacuum distillation equipment
・ Vacuum drying equipment
・ Vacuum deaeration equipment
・ Vacuum packing equipment
・ Vacuum cooling equipment, etc.
Bonding and joining that changes the common sense of fluoroplastics
Improvement of adhesion by surface modification]
・ All-dry process
・ Compatible with large materials
・ Low temperature treatment, little change over time
・ Compatible with various polymer materials
Ion beam source for surface modification
[Ion beam technology]
(1) Implementing multiple ion beam formation (Optional) ⇒ Providing high spatial utility
(2) External plasma ion beam drive method ⇒Providing high process efficiency
(3) Irradiating ion beams in optimum directions

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