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Kai Dialog System Co.Ltd

From the machining of trial parts to the design and production of labor-saving equipment

Kai Dialog System Co., Ltd. (KDS) specializes in low-volume high-mix trial manufacturing, using five-axis machining centers and compound lathes. We have a rich track record in the design and manufacture of labor-saving equipment in various fields, including automobiles, medical care, and electronic parts.

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KDS manufacturing/processing/quality control
Development and manufacturing of equipment and jigs
Electronic parts related
Automatic assembly machine for video equipment parts
High-speed image inspection device
High-speed, excellent stability, and conveyance cycle times of 0.1 s or less
Examination equipment
Aging equipment
Electric characteristic inspection device
Manufacturing of inspection and measuring machinery depending on the needs, including images, resistance, frequency, and torque
Transport mechanisms
Adsorption carrier mechanism
Semiconductor carrier mechanism
High-speed and stable transport achieved using a cam mechanism
Parts processing - Three strengths
Processing into complicated shapes
The time to manufacture jigs is reduced by using one-chuck processing using simultaneous five-spindle control and combined lathe. Processing accuracy is improved by simultaneous processing of pitch with a strict tolerance. Through integrated processing of products which were traditionally divided into two parts, accuracy is improved.
 Processing of thin materials
We have a track record for automobile, motorcycle, and space parts. We can support iron, stainless steel, and aluminum as materials. For the purpose of weight reduction of existing products, there are many parts of approximately 100–300.
High hardness, titanium, and processing of molds
High-hardness processing
Materials of HRC 60 or less are processed through machining. Following warpage caused by heat treatment, dimension accuracy is improved by conducting finishing processing. Machining is possible using simultaneous 5-spindle control, providing more options for shapes using wire processing.
Titanium processing
We have a track record with space and defense parts. Pure titanium is approximately three fifths the weight of iron and approximately half the weight of copper; therefore, it is suitable for weight reduction. Pure titanium is approximately twice the strength of iron and approximately three times the strength of aluminum; therefore, it is suitable for parts requiring strength. Pure titanium also exhibits high corrosion resistance and high rust resistance; therefore, it is used in medical equipment, ships, and aircrafts.
Processing of molds
We have a track record for automobile, motorcycle, and space parts. By manufacturing jigs for fixing molds in-house, we can manufacture jigs that are suitable for manufacturing processes. By manufacturing jigs and processing programs in parallel, shorter delivery times are possible.
Quality management
Space, aerospace, and defense parts are also available
10% of all parts (of which 60% is space, 30% is defense, and 10% is commercial aircraft)
Quality: A5052, A5056, A6061, A7075, SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS403, SUS630, SUS420, 15-5PH, 17-4PH, AMS4050, AMS4928, AMS5611, AMS5648, AMS-QQ-S-763, C63000, C6C63020, and Ti-6al-4V)
Flight safety education
Held twice a year
Regular education on quality-first
Dissemination of improvement measures using specific problems as examples
Learning about aircraft accidents using videos and photos
JIS Q 9100 Acquired in June 2014
Mainly small-lot space and defense parts
Titanium can be processed depending on the shape
All processes are handled in-house
Production management system
Implementation of FAI
Process instructions
Work instructions
4M management
Equipment management
Regular inspection by workers
Regular inspection by manufacturers
Sharing management within the group
Material management
Management in a locked room
Put in a special trolley to prevent foreign materials from mixing
Storage with mill sheet attached
Dedicated cart
Use a dedicated cart for JIS target parts
Only the materials with the same lot no. are placed in the dedicated cart
Place the product on a dedicated cart (put tools, jigs, and writing instruments on a separate work desk)
Moving materials from receiving to shipping should be implemented by putting them in a dedicated cart

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