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We support recruitment with no language or cultural barriers, and we contribute to your safety and quality management.

Do you want to carry out quality management overseas according to Japanese standards? Do you want to hire people suitable for your business regardless of their nationality? Do you want to assign the right people to the right tasks according to each individual employee’s personality or working style? We provide support for such enterprise needs in cooperation with our 11 sales firms in Asian countries.

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Uchida-Kraepelin Test
Test feature 1: Examinees are asked to do actual work in order to measure how they do it, so the characteristics of how applicants or employees work can be understood objectively. The test uses numerical characters, so it can measure examinee competence as well as personality and behavioral traits without being affected by their culture or language. This test is useful in recruitment and also in safety and quality management.
Test feature 2: The test is available for a wide range of numbers of examinees from one person to several hundred people. It can be carried out anytime, anywhere, as long as there are pencils and testing forms. It is also inexpensive.
Feature 3: It has a proven track record. The test has been used for over 60 years in Japan to test a cumulative total of more than 50 million people. Various organizations have used it including public-sector offices (such as police departments and boards of education), train companies, and other enterprises (such as manufacturers and transport firms). The number of people who have used the test overseas is increasing year by year, and particularly Asian countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, and South Korea.

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