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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:20


We develop new products

We develop new products. We handle everything from product design to mold manufacturing, making prototypes, and mass production in Japan and overseas. We also have our own factory, and we supply products in various quantities, both large and small. We have filed a large number of applications for design registrations and other rights in Japan.


Sales Pitch

Development of new products made of plastics and metals
Development of injection-molded products
We develop injection-molded plastics ranging from household sundries to industrial parts.
Molds for plastic injection molding
We manufacture molds for plastic injection molding both in Japan and abroad. We make, distribute, and import molds with high cost performance. We have a track record of more than 16 years of experience, making and importing not less than 100 molds from abroad.
We develop metal products.
We develop products made of iron wiring, brass, or other material, produce them abroad, and import them to Japan.
We excel at developing new products.
We design drawings for developing new products in-house with 2D and 3D CAD.
We prepare CAD drawings for commercializing the image of a new product, give it a form in a clear-cut shape, and bring it closer to completion through mutual understanding. We do all this in-house, which allows us to respond quickly.
We have staff responsible for operations abroad.
We have staff responsible for operations abroad who can communicate in foreign languages, and handle mutual communication of detailed information.
We own intellectual property.
We follow procedures for design and other registrations with the Patent Office in-house whenever possible before filing registration applications, and have registered numerous rights with the Patent Office to products that we have developed on our own. Through these activities we ensure that distributors of our products can advantageously sell rights-protected products in the market with peace of mind. 

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