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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:13

MK Kashiyama Corp.

Delivering highly reliable brake parts to the world

Our company ranks top in the Japanese repair market. We provide brake parts such as brake pads, shoes, rotors, and greases not only in Japan but also worldwide.

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Sales Pitch

Product introduction
MK Kashiyama has been aiming to enhance the product range of Japanese cars since the beginning of brake production. In recent years, Korean automobile manufacturers have made remarkable progress. We are also focusing on a lineup of brakes for Asian cars, including Korean cars.
As the Japanese automobile manufacturer's strategy shifts to local production and supply at overseas plants, it is working to create products that match models from around the world and to meet customer needs in Europe, Russia, the United States, Asia, and other regions. We have a range of products to produce.
Strengthening product marketing in each region and aiming to expand the range

[Current number of items handled]
Brake pads For Japanese cars: 700 items For Korean cars: 80 items
Brake shoes For Japanese cars: 500 items For Korean cars: 20 items
Brake rotor for Japanese cars: 214 items

■ Grease products
・ Brake noise reduction grease GT100-MK
・ Brake maintenance grease GS300-MK

■ Challenge for industrial brakes
Taking advantage of the manufacturing and development know-how of friction materials for automobiles acquired in the history of just over half a century since establishment, we have begun a new avenue in the manufacture of brakes for industrial construction machinery, a new field.
The existence of "braking" is indispensable for "moving things", and we regard it as a great opportunity to show our significance in a new world.
The usage and required quality of friction materials vary depending on the type of business and product type, and we believe that close communication with customers who use them is our greatest asset, and at the same time it is a guide to the future.
Research and development
■ Product design “Increase coverage (development speed) and pursue low cost”
Our company develops products by our own research based on more than 50 years of our experience and the EV method utilizing a database.
We develop low-priced, highly reliable products with high coverage, mainly for Japanese and Korean vehicles.
In particular, the coverage is outstanding. We have gained trust from many users with products designed based on our unique design concepts.
Staff familiar with various product information (calipers & backplates etc.), mold knowledge (blanking & molding), and general manufacturing methods are in charge of designing to improve the design quality.

■ Friction material development "Pursue high performance and reduce environmental load"
Our company mixes various kinds of raw materials at appropriate ratios by using information accumulated for many years and quality engineering,
We develop friction materials in pursuit of high performance to meet requirements by vehicle type, use, and market situations. Our materials feature great friction, long life, and low squeaking, vibration, and hostility to counterpart materials.
For the friction materials, we select raw materials with less environmental load, complying with environmental regulations, such as ELV and REACH. 

■ Production equipment "Build up a competitive production system"
・ Our company develops, designs, and manufactures products ourselves that customers can use at ease. Our products range from molding dies to production equipment.
・ We have raised work efficiency and reduced worker burden by automating the production processes.
・ WE have realized a global production line by supplying equipment to overseas factories as well.

The product design, friction material development, and production equipment teams work together for a stable supply of satisfactory products. We supply products not only to the current users of our brand products but also to OES and OEM customers in Japan and overseas.

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