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Please entrust the OEM production of stainless-steel machining with Nippon Metal Works.

We perform processing of a wide range of metal products from household and commercial houseware to medical precision parts. In particular, we have a rich track record in stainless steel processing, and our business partners in each field appreciate our high technology and cost competitiveness.  From the development stage onward, we propose product planning and cost and processing methods. Our strength lies in our integrated metal processing, which runs from trial manufacturing through development to mass production.

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Areas of expertise
We completely utilize our longstanding expertise and high technological capabilities in deep drawing to meet all the needs of our customers, including deep drawing of 3-mm stainless steel sheets. Moreover, we are skilled in sheet metal processing, pipe bending, welding, and polishing, and we provide a variety of high-mix low-volume products at a low price, high quality, and with quick delivery.
Planning, development, and manufacturing of pressed products
Development of various antimicrobial stainless steel products
Development of eco-clean stainless steel products
Processing of products and parts through a polished finish
Planning, development, and manufacturing of products using pipes
Deep and irregular shape drawing
Small- and medium-quantity drawing
Small- and medium-quantity sheet metal processing
Assembly of combinations of several different materials
Pipe and wire rod processing
With Tsubame’s unique network of craftsmen, we can provide a variety of composite processing assembly, not only using pressing but also pipe processing, cutting, die casting, plastic molding, TIG welding, laser welding, painting, electrolytic polishing, buff polishing, nickel plating, chrome plating, gold plating, and silver plating.
Pressing, drawing, sheet metal processing
From small goods like dinnerware to large products like monuments. From kitchen goods, which require advanced polishing, to precision products like medical devices. We are dealing with a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium alloy.
Deep drawing/odd-form drawing
Among various metals, we specialize in deep drawings and odd-form drawings that press stainless steel plates into container shapes.
Try our technological capabilities that are outstanding even in the “Tsubame” metal processing base of “Tsubamesanjo,” a town of Western tableware.
Medical supplies and medical equipment parts
Medical supplies and medical equipment/parts require smooth outer and inner surfaces for their use. Tsubame City has many businesses related to all types of electrolytic polishing, acid soaking, antimicrobial plating, and antimicrobial treatment, and in particular, the largest number of buff polishing businesses in Japan.

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