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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:23

Takeda Company

Pursuing advanced processing technology to meet demands in each industrial field

Several products were awarded among well-designed sundries of the Takeda Design Project. Our company is a metal processing manufacturer. We handle not only miscellaneous design products and parts but also finished OEM products.

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Sales Pitch

We plan and produce various metalwork products by meeting our designers, Michio Akita, Nari Eguchi, Hidefumi Yamaguchi, and Taku Yahara.
We send out multiple design products, including the MiLLiSECOND Millisecond Metal Major, which has received multiple awards, including the 24th Japan Stationery Awards.
Going forward, we will continue to create products that bring moisture and convenience to life by taking advantage of new talents and personalities.
Business description
Our company has introduced a lot of the latest machines and equipment. We strive to pursue more advanced processing technologies in response to the demands of various industrial fields that are becoming increasingly diverse, sophisticated, and complex.
In addition, a large number of unmanned facilities have been introduced to save labor and increase efficiency, and it can handle mass-produced products as well as multi-product small-lot production. In addition, there are many complex products, such as welding after cutting.

■ Machined products, and welded and machined products
Manufacture of construction machinery, hydraulic equipment, electronics and semiconductors, automobiles, houseware, medical equipment, gardening supplies, machine tools, leisure goods, mold parts, and various parts

■ Hot forging products, die casting products, lost wax products, press products, cylindrical products
Manufacture and sale of press (thin and thick) processing, precision sheet metal, casting parts, die casting products, polishing and surface treatment, welding, various assembly products, etc.

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