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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:37

DAC Co., Ltd.

Networking the future with dreams and pride

We engage in design and construction of broadcasting facilities for local governments and cable TV operators. In recent years, we have been proactively engaged in system design and construction utilizing wired and wireless communication technologies

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[Consulting Business]
Leveraging our long years of experience in the central region of Shikoku Prefecture, we engage in information and communications consulting and system development. We are committed to making proposals for long-term and stable operations, which can be implemented at low initial cost, with reduced financial burden over subsequent years.
[Consulting Business]
We provide support for public works, such as regional intranet construction, and consulting for establishing cable television stations (new launches), their operations, and the adoption of subsidized business.

[System Design Work]
By adopting cutting-edge technologies, we design telecommunication systems that are friendly to humans and the environment.

[Studio Construction]
We make proposals for studio designs by tender, such as those used for administrative broadcasts and community channels at cable television stations. We take a total approach by considering sound insulation and sound proofing, and take on a range of work, from the construction of studio facilities to the selection of broadcast-related equipment.
Telecommunication construction business
We provide electrical equipment construction services for communication equipment, such as head ends, substation equipment and power generators, and lighting and air-conditioning equipment.
Solution Proposals
DAC provides total support for solving issues in each community. Putting the safety and security of community residents first, we provide support for community building.
[Disaster prevention support]	
Disaster information can be communicated to local residents swiftly and accurately using various methods, such as wired/wireless networks, FM broadcast or one-segment broadcasts.

[Emergency community FM]	
Using portable equipment, evacuation information and daily life information can be communicated even when the existing infrastructure is disconnected.

[Outdoor disaster prevention broadcast device (power outage operation guaranteed type)]	
Powered by a battery, and equipped with an IP notification terminal and conventional devices for outdoor disaster prevention broadcasts that provide multiple layers of power supply and communication methods, this device can operate even during power outages.

[Outdoor Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi gateway)]	
Gateway enables free-certification and access ID certification for subscriber certification, allowing information distribution and charging to be implemented.

[Next generation services]	
Home gateway and tablet terminals enable the control of home appliances and sensors, in addition to data collection and management.