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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:52

Begin Japan Co.,Ltd.

Towards Becoming a Company that Sends Out Yet-to-exist Products from Dejima, Nagasaki City

Our business includes (1) being a general agency for the Inazuma Light Sawayaka LED series, (2) import/export and overseas sales of electrical goods, (3) development of electrical goods and peripheral equipment, (4) cultural consulting, and (5) Korean business development consulting. We discover and develop things that have yet to exist in the world and provide them. Although we are a small company that has just started, with our small size, speed, and many connections, this company will answer the needs of any business.

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Sales Pitch

Providing the World with Products Created with Innovative Creativity
Business Description
General agency for the Inazuma Light Sawayaka LED series
Import/export and overseas sales of electrical goods, development of electrical goods and peripheral equipment, cultural consulting business, and Korean business development consulting
One-of-a-kind Advertisement: Message from the Wind
A New Concept Wind Banner That Uses Wind Scientifically
Structurally, the support of the posts installed at the base of the banner prevents it from coiling or fluttering no matter from which direction the wind blows, keeping it in a consistent orientation at all times. In addition, it is equipped with a GPS function to inform you of its location. The product's other feature is that although it looks like a banner, it actually forms colors and phrases with multiple vertical cloths. The scientific use of wind makes it possible to change colors depending on the direction of the wind or the viewing location while ensuring the design can be seen accurately from any position. You can advertise and still avoid the danger of wind by installing it in a predetermined position and on a rotatable installation platform.

[Product Advantages]
The banner maintains a consistent direction no matter how strong the wind blows.
Banners with GPS functions can be used as landmarks in the ocean and mountains and help save lives.
Advertisements that were previously difficult to place in windy areas can now be placed without danger
100M advertisements can be placed.

[Possible Applications]
Stand/GPS banner: Use at all the stores that use banner flags, including pachinko parlors, event venues, swimming beaches, and mountain trails.

New concept wind banner: Use in sightseeing areas, event venues, golf courses, hotels, and places where installation has been difficult due to strong winds on the side of the road.
Inazuma Light Sawayaka
Removing Unpleasant Odors and Sterilizing to Restore Fresh Air

LED Panel Light Lighting Fixtures
[Product Advantages]
The panel light with visible-light-responsive SE photocatalyst film eliminates odors. It is one of the world's thinnest LED lighting fixtures with a sterilization function. Even with the added value, the price is lower than other lighting fixture manufacturers. It is a state-of-the-art lighting fixture with patented technology.

[Possible Applications]
Use as a lighting fixture in hospitals, nursing homes, airports, train stations, hotels, commercial facilities, etc., and as an air purification fixture for antibacterial and deodorizing effects in rooms.

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