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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:38

Global Communication Planning Co., Ltd.

Information systems development, and sales of packaged card payment systems

Our business centers on development and operation services for card payment processing systems. Our other operations include developing systems based on our card payment know-how, developing terminal software, encryption equipment, and ASP service provision.

We have a track record of operations with credit cards, debit cards, noncontact IC cards, e-money, prepaid cards, and other tools. This is how we satisfy demand for diversifying payment methods. Servers are linked with various POS systems as well as EC sites via API linkage.

We have a call center running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thereby meeting the need for remote maintenance.

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Sales Pitch

Business areas
Our own product, Card Crew Plus
We make use of our combination of functions that best match the customer's business segment, business style, and scale to realize a safe, reliable card payment system of an appropriate size.

[Inexpensive and quickly developed]
We build card payment systems for affiliate centers, information processing centers, and other facilities at low cost and in a short time.

[Extensive experience]
Gateway modules can be added to a basic system to make it connectable to various POS points and terminals. This enables connections to affiliate centers, and also to large information processing centers.

[Excellent processing capabilities]
Our systems satisfy needs for fast transactions in large quantities, which ensure stress-free, smooth operations.

Our systems are designed to facilitate adding and replacing functions of the basic package, which ensures high expandability.

Login ID, password-assisted use limitation, database encryption, and other PCI DSS-compliant security features eliminate the risk of information leakage.

We provide POS terminal connection interfaces independent of different switching centers.

[Office work support]
Our systems securely support bothersome management of sales, payment control, and transfers generated after a payment is made by card, thereby alleviating office work.

[Support for introduction]
We help you with bothersome clerical procedures generated when you introduce a system, such as submitting various applications and connection tests.
We hold credit card company briefings for you (issuing handouts and holding briefings).
We support connectivity tests and adjustment with credit card companies.
We provide support in switchovers from current systems.
We support system introduction, such as system setup.
We submit various network applications.
We can apply to a switching center for you.

[Operational support]
We have a help desk running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure that our systems engineers maintain system reliably.
Other products
We supply payment terminals mainly from Castles Technology Co., Ltd. (stationary terminals) and from Fine Fit Design Co., Ltd. (mobile terminals). We also handle terminals of other Japanese and overseas makers according to your requirements. We develop interfaces connecting your system to our package according to the requirements of customers in various business segments. We satisfy different needs with a wide range of large- and small-scale development experience that cannot be handled with existing package software.

We also sell encryption equipment that ensures greater safety in customizing our products based on Card Crew Plus. Our services further include developing systems based on our card payment know-how, generating and storing encryption keys, and other operations. 
Payment ASP and operation service
We apply our independently developed Card Crew Plus to supply cheap and reliable ASP services. We acquired the credit card industry standard security level PCI DSS in 2010, and have been striving to ensure that it is used even more reliably by numerous customers.

We also provide a wide-ranging menu of options from introduction to after-sales service. We supply the operation service best suited to your particular requirements.

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