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Latest update: 25/09/2019 11:08:36

Sanken-Tech Corporation

We are a regenerated carbon fiber planner, helping to create an environmentally friendly business setting through regenerated carbon fiber 

Aircraft and car parts use carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). Our company retrieves only carbon fiber from CFRP mill ends through original technology. We develop, manufacture, and sell composite materials such as ceramics using Mino pottery techniques. 

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Sales Pitch

An environmentally friendly fireproof heat insulation material that uses regenerated carbon fiber
No thermal contraction
Conventional heat insulation materials detach from the ceiling material as they contract when subjected to heat in a fire. This non-contracting building material can solve that problem. 
It is only 15 mm in thickness, and its lightweight body has a low specific gravity of 0.42, allowing it float on water.
It has the same heat-insulation performance as a 200-mm firebrick. You can use this material in a wide range of industrial fields, such as the insulating section of an industrial furnace. 
High fire resistance and heat-insulation properties 
The heat-insulation property is so high that the material can withstand heat of 1000 °C or more. It can prevent restaurant kitchens from overheating through conduction. 



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