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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:14

Ball Wave Inc.

Our company has high MEMS technology and high-frequency signal processing technology. We are developing and manufacturing groundbreaking products by using the world's first compact, high-speed, and high-sensitivity "ball SAW sensor." Our products include ultra-trace moisture analyzers and ball SAW hydrogen gas sensors.

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Contributing to society with innovative fundamental technologies
Ball SAW gas sensors
When a surface wave is excited on the surface of a sphere with the width of the geometric mean of the diameter and wavelength of the sphere, the surface wave circulates multiple times as a natural parallel beam without diffraction phenomenon. The SAW with multiple laps enlarges the change of sound velocity and the change of attenuation rate with the number of laps. Then the changes can be measured more precisely. By installing a sensitive membrane on this multipath orbit propagation path, a compact, high-speed, high-sensitivity ball SAW sensor can be obtained.
Micro moisture meters
■ Beyond the wave

The high-end model FT-700WT can measure up to dew point -110 ℃
In addition, the portable model FT-300WT can measure to dew point -75 ℃ (1PPM) within 1 second.

[Product advantages]
In the process of manufacturing semiconductors and secondary batteries, if moisture is mixed in, the yield will deteriorate and the quality will not be stable. Therefore, controlling the moisture concentration is very important. Our trace moisture analyzers have reaction speeds more than 10 times faster than existing products and can monitor in real time. The analyzer can contribute to product yield improvement and quality stabilization.

[Delivery achievements]
National universities and major research institutions, semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers, storage battery manufacturers, industrial gas manufacturers

[Assumed applications]
1. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer (mainly front-end process)
2. Battery manufacturers and their material manufacturers
3. Industrial gas manufacturers
Falcon Trace
■ Falcon Trace is a small, high-speed, high-sensitivity trace moisture analyzer.

The ball SAW sensor is a high-speed and high-sensitivity gas sensor that utilizes the SAW long-range propagation phenomenon on a sphere beyond the common sense of physics.
A trace moisture meter that uses this technology can detect moisture with a dew point of 
-100°C. Since the meter has a small sphere diameter of 3 mm. it can be mounted on cells with low dead volume and fast response.

[Product advantages]
In addition to being built into the device due to the sphere diameter as small as 3 mm, the sensor features corrosion resistance because it is made of quartz sphere. This makes it possible to measure moisture in corrosive gases, such as ammonia with a small amount of gas.

[Delivery achievements]
Functional tests were conducted by manufacturers of sensors, material gases, and device manufacturing equipment.

[Assumed uses]
In recent years, semiconductor devices have become highly integrated and miniaturized. Purifying material gases used in the manufacturing process has become an important issue . Under such circumstances, moisture poses an issue as an impurity. Currently, the most demanding requirement is control at the ppb level, one thousandth of a ppm. It is assumed that Falcon Trace will be useful for quality control by manufacturers of material gases for semiconductors and LEDs, and visualization by device manufacturers.

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