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We propose new ways to enjoy Japanese culture

We are always pursuing what we can do through the function of wrapping and would like to act as packaging professionals while we work with our customers.  We respond to our customers’ opinions on both software and hardware by our integrated system coordinating cooperation among sales, design, and manufacturing staff.

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Sales Pitch

New product proposal (Origami Samurai)
Bottleware-size armored paper craft
The package comes in an easy-to-carry size and makes the perfect gift. Minimum number of parts were used in the design to make it possible for anyone to assemble the same. With the special texture of full gold leaf, these parts are luxurious. 

[Delivery achievements]
Our products have been sold at high-class department stores throughout Japan and at the trade fair in the Quartier du Marais, Paris, where trends in France are set.  We have received orders from high-class department stores and museum shops in Paris as well as from Italian concept stores. 
This product is popular inside and outside of Japan as a gift that shows new ways of enjoying Japanese culture.  It is particularly popular in the international market. This product is popular as a new, convenient souvenir, both among foreign tourists visiting Japan and Japanese customers going abroad for business. For companies, we also provide “original customization” that offers many new possibilities for the use of paper in areas such as publicizing events and as promotion items during a campaign. 
Product introduction
We offer total service from corrugated cardboard treatment and printing to assembly.  Strong and environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard protects important goods during transportation.  It can also be treated in various ways to perform many different functions. We are able to offer all surface treatments and printing in-house, which means we can offer detailed responses to the requests of our customers. 
We can also propose designs and various forms. 
It wraps goods to protect them while influencing a consumer’s desire to buy.  That is packaging.  We can provide designs that increase and communicate the uniqueness and character of the merchandise. We also offer environmentally friendly packaging that is light but maintains full functionality. 
From drawing design ideas to branded construction. 
These labels are used for beverages such as awamori and juices, as well as for cosmetic products. Not only do they communicate information about the product, but they are also important as the presentations that create a first impression. In addition to proposals for label design, we can also make proposals for the overall presentation of products. Please feel free to make inquiries.

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