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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:23

Maruhayushikagaku Co.,Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of human- and nature-friendly soap. 

We are a manufacturer of soap made from natural materials by applying a traditional frame kneading method composed of "kettle boiling" and "natural drying". We perform integrated production ranging from material procurement to sales in our company, taking responsibility for our products. We delightedly undertake OEM production and produce products under private brands (PB).

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Seven-Colored Soap
The Seven-Colored Soap focuses on "security". We produce human- and environment-friendly soap. 
The colors and scent of the Soap are derived from natural ingredients.
For the production of the Soap, we do not use additives such as synthetic surfactants, artificial coloring, antioxidants, and preservatives.
Soap finish [WENNEX]
Maruha Yushi Chemicals Co., Ltd., which produces body-friendly and safe soap, developed WENNEX, a new soap finish that preserves the warmth and texture of wood and that has water repellency which conventional soap finishes do not have.  
WENNEX is a product which, with a sense of security, can be used as paint for toys with which babies can safely play, for furniture whose fresh wood tones and scent need to be preserved, and for interior.  

Characteristics of WENNEX
-Unlike conventional soap finishes, WENNEX is a new type of soap finish with water repellency.
-Compared with oil finishes or the like, WENNEX is flame-resistant and can safely be worked with.
-Since its ingredient is soap, it can safely be applied to toys for children and so on.     
-It is a finishing agent that does not spoil the texture, scent, softness, and warmth of wood.
-Since it is a liquid-type product, it can be easily handled. Cleaning the sponge or cloth used is easy. 
-Maintenance after use is easy. 
Just clean the stained part of the furniture or toy with WENNEX.
We eagerly welcome the production of OEM or PB products.
Maruha Yushi Chemicals Co., Ltd. produces not only its own products, but also OEM or PB products.
With a manufacturing and sales license, we produce cosmetics including beauty soaps by complying with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

We are able to produce original soaps, such as bar soap (for face or body washing) and liquid soap (shampoo and body soap), which meet the purposes or concept of clients, from small production lots to larger quantities. 
Based on many years of experience, we provide support, ranging from product development to sales, which meets clients' requirements.

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