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Latest update: 13/02/2019 17:59:35

yasu-bio Co., Ltd.

Water purifying agent with microorganisms, oil absorption and dissolution material, and gravity-type oxygen dissolution device.

We develop and sell microorganism-related products, including water purifying agents and oil absorption and dissolution materials that make conventional industrial waste treatment unnecessary, as well as gravity-type oxygen dissolution devices.


Sales Pitch

Microorganism-related products: We offer water-purifying agents and oil absorption and dissolution materials, and gravity-type oxygen dissolution devices
Our company provides microorganism-related products.

Water purifying agent that uses microorganisms: This environmentally friendly, safe purifying agent clears water and reduces odor. It has been adopted in locations such as Kikuko Park in Yamaguchi Prefecture and the Nags Coast in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Oil absorption and dissolution material: This material dissolves oil through the power of microorganisms, making industrial waste treatment unnecessary. The product is used by Hiroshima-shi government, JFE, and other organizations.
Our gravity-type oxygen dissolution device is already in use in aquaculture farms as an aerator, as a substitute for the aeration technology of waste treatment equipment. It is also expected to be effective for hydroponic culturing.

DO-MAX (usw) dissolves oxygen in water by making the most of the energy of gravity, which is universally available in nature, centrifugal force, negative pressure difference, and ultrasonic cavitation effects.

DO-MAXFalls was developed with a low-price concept. It shows higher dissolution performance using natural energy, even though the expensive ultrasonic unit of the previous model was removed. This product is used by Oita Norin to accelerate the growth of seedlings. 

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company has been committed to providing design, installation, and maintenance services mainly as an equipment construction service provider for 50 years since our establishment. We set up an environment and biotechnology department ten years ago with the aim of becoming a specialized water environment company. We started to sell water-purifying agents and oil absorption and dissolution materials with no need for industrial waste treatment, both of which use the power of microorganisms. We also develop and sell gravity-type oxygen dissolution devices. We are a water environment creator company, and we aim to become a driving force toward a water-recycling society. We will achieve this by developing new technologies and devices, planning and researching biotechnology products, and proposing better water treatment technology to our customers. 

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