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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:56

Wymac Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture of Customized Hairdressing Products and OEM Products

Our company has also acquired many patented technologies and can develop hairdressing products according to your needs. Our one-stop service includes research and development, design, manufacturing, quality control, regulatory application, and sales support.

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Business Description
Proprietary OEM Technologies
Our OEM products contain unique technologies that cannot be found anywhere else, and as a result, we have obtained patents in Japan and Europe. We also have many one-of-a-kind technologies that others cannot imitate, which have allowed us to develop various products, including OEM.
OEM and Product Development with Celebrities
We have a proven track record of constantly working with famous and charismatic hair stylists that have many celebrity customers. They are all artisans among artisans, and they demand incredibly high quality. Continuing to meet their demands leads to the advancement of our technology.
Having a Beauty Salon as an Affiliate Company
It enables us to grasp the needs directly from the field daily and to immediately research and develop new technology to meet those needs. Then, we can monitor the technology in the beauty salon soon after the completion. This efficient one-stop flow is also a significant advantage in improving our technology.

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