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Latest update: 08/11/2019 17:50:18

Kobe Electric Industry co.

We developed a new batting machine using sponge balls that easily enables effective training anywhere. 

Our company is currently developing related products around the core product of our newly developed batting machine, such as software for checking your swing. 

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New product: Batting machine for sponge balls
This product was initially developed in response to a request from a former professional baseball player. Sponge balls are said to be adopted in training by professional baseball teams because they make training more effective.
The use of sponge balls makes training safer, and eliminates the need for a safety net. You can practice batting in a small space either indoors or outdoors. Hitting balls coming from the front just like an actual game helps to effectively improve batting skills. 

This product pitches about two to three meters, with highly accurate control and quiet operation. The auto feed function enables pitching of six balls automatically (or eight balls with an optional attachment). It can be mounted on a camera tripod. The machine operates either on batteries (two size D batteries) or an AC adapter. The embedded motor control circuit makes it possible to freely adjust the pitching intervals. 
This product is suitable for all baseball players, from little leaguers to professionals. We are looking for partner companies that can help us enhance recognition and cultivate markets for this product.

There is an introduction video at the following URL (YouTube):

Another introduction video on the sponge ball is available for viewing at the following link:

Other presentation

Products and software are planned, designed, manufactured (coded), and delivered by our internal staff. We are currently looking for partner companies that can help distribute our new batting machine. 

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