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Latest update: 25/05/2023 13:15:45


Integrated production system for producing "underwear highly favored by consumers"

We are a customer-oriented OEM/ODM manufacturer that develops various hot-selling innerwear such as brassieres, camisoles, shorts, and girdles. We manage the processes ranging from planning and making proposals to material selection, production, and delivery in an integrated fashion, creating high-value-added innerwear.

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Sales Pitch

Technical capabilities for providing non-constricting corrective undergarments to increase women's beauty
We, an OEM/ODM manufacturer, will be of assistance to you.
-Apparel manufacturers who want to add innerwear to their product lineup
-Sports goods manufacturers seeking more functional sporty brassieres
-Cosmetics or supplement manufacturers pursuing the beauty of women  
-Health food manufacturers mainly targeting women
We welcome all companies regardless of their type of business. Please feel free to contact us.
OEM/ODM unique to ANDOR, Inc.
Shaping the image envisioned by the client
At first, we will inquire about the concepts envisioned by the client, and draw a design map on which appeal points are clarified. A vague image is welcome. Drawing the design map is the key to shaping end users' needs and the brand image. Therefore, we take time to surely do so.

Uniform management of processes including planning, making proposals, production, and delivery
Since the processes are completely managed, information is shared among the processes, and we can take extra care in preventing any omissions and in the sending of wrong information among them. The total management enables us to swiftly complete the exact product that we have proposed.  

Focusing on speed
We deliver products in the shortest delivery period in the industry. Innerwear items are influenced by the seasons. In order to provide them at the desired timing without delay, we are able to shorten the time required for the processes from planning to delivery. Furthermore, we make sure to keep our delivery promises.
Team responsible for each client
A specific team composed of a designer, pattern maker, sewing staff, and production supervisor is responsible for each client. None of the staff workers will be replaced. Therefore, there is no need to worry about sending/receiving discrepant information or changing the course of direction in the middle of the processes.
Furthermore, since the same staff workers are responsible for your company, you can safely rely on us.

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