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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:05

Natsume Optical Corporation

[Fusion of special shape processing technology and high-quality polishing technology]

With the goal of being able to create complex and diverse shapes and polishing them with high precision and high quality, we have honed our technology steadily. "Mf-Lens" is our brand logo. The letter M stands for "multi," representing our response to diversification, while "f" indicates our unique shapes ("form"), "functions," and the "field" of contribution. We have even added the meaning of "future" and "fortune" to the letter F to express our desire for the development of humankind. Mf-Lens incorporates the dreams and confidence of Natsume Optical.

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[Technology Development]
Technology development base: Technology Center
In our Technology Center, which was constructed as a base for technological development, our staff is conducting research and development on a daily basis, in regard to free-form surface machining and ultra-high precision surface machining as this is difficult with the conventional grinding and polishing.
[Integrated Response]
From optical design to unit integration
Our company offers one-stop solutions from an optical design by dedicated designers who are familiar with our diverse product groups, to lens processing and evaluation after installation. We propose a wide range of values, such as processing fluorite (CaF2) used in the extreme ultraviolet range, assembly and packaging in clean rooms, and support for high-power lasers.
[Quality Assurance]
World standard measurement environment
Based on the idea that “everything manmade can be measured,” we actively introduce world-standard measuring instruments. While meeting the market needs for high precision, complexity, and specialization, we aim to provide the quality that customers can rely on.
About our facilities (examples)
•Zygo: VeriFire Asphere
•Zygo: VeriFire ATZ
•Zygo: NewView7300
•Panasonic: UA3P-5
•Zeiss: MICRA
•Trioptics: OptiCentric
•Trioptics: Prism Master



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