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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:19

Ogihara Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

For the Earth with abundant beasutiful waters

Our company is a manufacturer specialized in mold production and resin molding from die casting to pressing. We manufacture small pumps and water treatment equipment for high-precision pure water.

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Small pumps
■ Self-priming pump
Priming once allows pumping operation to continue without priming.
Even if the pump is lower than the suction pump, or if air is sucked in the middle of the piping during pumping operation, the water can be sucked and pumped without losing the suction power.

■ Circulation pump
If the water absorption surface is lower than the pump, fill the pump body and water absorption pipe with water before starting operation.
Water cannot be sucked up unless operation is started.
Also, if a large amount of air is sucked in during pumping operation, the pump loses suction power and cannot pump.
Water treatment device
■ Unit type ultrapure water equipment ■ UPA series
With the advancement of technology, cleaning water for semiconductors and various electronic components, including effects, and process water have been required to have a purity as high as ultra-pure water.
To provide the best water quality based on our wealth of experience, we provide compact ultra-pure water equipment that satisfies customers' requirements by taking pre-treatment equipment, pure water equipment, and subsystems into a compact form, taking into account piping materials, etc.

■ Regeneration type pure water production equipment ■ AMC series
The necessary equipment is set on the gantry, minimizing on-site work. Operation is fully automatic and easy. It is a high-pressure-resistant product.

■ Local construction
Hostec Co., Ltd., a joint venture company, will locally construct a unitized product that combines pure water equipment, tanks, filters, etc. according to the customer's application.
We will respond to requests regarding wastewater treatment and other water, as well as pure water.
Electrical conductivity and bubble detection combined sensor
Electrical conductivity and air bubbles used to be detected by two devices, an electrical conductivity meter and a bubble detector. However, they can now be detected by a single device. This leads to space saving, reduction of piping materials, and cost reduction.

Delivery achievements
Monitoring water circulated in household fuel cell systems
Assumed uses, business types and business styles
Water quality and water management not only in the fuel cell field but also in medical, industrial, food, and other fields
Molds and resin molding
■ Die casting mold design and manufacture
We can handle everything from design to production, inspection, and shipping of molds for die casting based on years of know-how.

■ Plastic mold design and manufacture
With regard to plastic molds, we can handle everything from design to production, inspection, and shipment based on our years of know-how.

■ Resin molding
We own multiple molding machines and mold resin products.
We mainly handle PPS, SPS and PP materials.

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