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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:34

DAIEI Corporation

Adaptable Monozukuri craftsmanship

We make parts for PCs, cameras, automobiles, car audios, card vending machines, gas appliances, lighting appliances, and construction hardware. We also make heat sinks and parts for mass-produced connectors. With Monozukuri craftsmanship, we manufacture niche products of high-mix low-volume.

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Sales Pitch

A wide variety of products from precision parts through outdoor parts
Metal-pressed products
We produce pressed products for every field from precision connectors to construction parts.

Pressed parts are used in almost all machines and products. Pressed parts are used in every kind of product, including ±0.01 mm tolerance connectors, camera lens sections, communication devices, personal computers, fire extinguishers, microphones, lighting, heat sinks, construction parts, card vending machines, and many more. 

[Product benefits]
We produce parts for every kind of field in-house, and we use our network of industrial groups in various fields to produce goods that we cannot otherwise produce ourselves. We offer start-to-finish integrated production. We can help reduce your management costs. 

Parts used in construction, peripheral components for lenses that are used by major interchangeable lens makers, radiators used in communication devices for internet connections, fire extinguisher parts, PC parts for major electrical manufacturers, and parts used by major tool manufacturers.
Our main press machine weighs a 110 t, and we own twelve presses that are above 60 t. Eight of our presses are of die-cushion type. 
The die-cushion-equipped press machines can maintain stable dimensional accuracy during bending and drawing. 
We also have presses equipped with link motion and hydraulic cushions, enabling even better drawing precision. 
In addition, our universal and drawing type presses (Amada) are equipped with NC roll feeders, enabling feeding of up to 500 materials and progressive processing.
Affiliated company
We can accommodate a wide range of orders in collaboration with our partner company Eletec Fuji Co., Ltd. (ISO9001 certified factory in Nirasaki).
Eletec Fuji Co., Ltd. owns 17 high speed press machines (~1500spm) and mainly engages in connector production. 

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