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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:44

ARS Co., Ltd.

We aim at being our clients' partner in manufacturing semiconductor packages and electronic devices to create value by cooperating with them.

We are a manufacturer that produces and processes electronic parts as well as devices on a contract basis and that manufactures switching power supply devices. Our core businesses are semiconductor packaging, wafer tests, and board mounting. We develop and deliver highly efficient and environmentally friendly products to contribute to society.  

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Wafer tests/laser trimming
Optimum wafer test environments for covering a wide range of fields
In our wafer test process, we perform electrical tests of wafers received from clients. 
We are equipped with cutting-edge testers and probers to provide optimum environments for testing wafers the size of which ranges from 100 mm to 300 mm. The test environments are created by logic or analog testers. We propose reliable services backed by a quality management system based on long years of achievements and experience.

Carrying out multiple processes in a short turnaround time (TAT)
In our laser trimming process, some patterns on a wafer are cut by a laser. This process is intended to change characteristics or improve performance. Furthermore, since we are equipped with equipment for maintaining probe cards, inspecting aging, marking defects, or automatically inspecting appearance, we are able to carry out multiple processes in a short TAT. 
Semiconductor/MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) packaging
Creating the future with package production technology
We not only serve as a base of manufacturing semiconductor/MEMS packages on a contract basis, but also are a technology leader endeavoring to design cutting-edge products. 
-Custom-designed IC packages, such as ultra-small non-lead packages, which match clients' requests
-General packages such as SOT (Small Outline Transistor) and SOP (Small Outline Package) 
-Transparent resin packages for light emitting and receiving element modules
-Hollow packages for MEMS/sensors
-Special packages such as a chip exposing type

By cooperating with clients, we sincerely carry out processes ranging from process design to equipment selection, material selection, trial production, mass-production, and quality maintenance.
We, an EMS (electronic manufacturing service) company, always endeavor to pursue technology for creating new packages which have high levels of both uncompromised quality and cost effectiveness to meet clients' needs for new development.

Undertaking processes following semiconductor production, on a contract basis
We flexibly meet clients' requests, providing the best service.

Flexibly responding to requests ranging from producing a small quantity of prototypes to producing products in small lots
We are able to carry out production processes (wafer tests, semiconductor assembly, mounting SMD [surface mount devices] on boards, and assembling electronic equipment) following semiconductor production in a one-stop and integrated manner.   
We are able to undertake not only successive processes, but also a single process or partial processes. 
We are equipped with laser grooving equipment which can process low-k film wafers and wafers which are hard to process with a general blade. 

Storage service
Our clients can use this service for storing or shipping the materials or products which are their assets. We are able to meet various needs such as temporary storage and long-term storage.
Furthermore, we are able to store your assets in an environment in which temperature or humidity is controlled or for which countermeasures against dust or static electricity are provided.

Service for developing prototypes of semiconductor/MEMS packages
We assist your company in commercializing packages by carrying out processes ranging from designing to producing a prototype and conducting a reliability test.
We provide package design for achieving downsized and low-height packages which satisfy reliability and mountability. In addition, we design processes which are based on the selection of optimum materials as well as equipment and which achieve both high functionality and cost effectiveness. Based on these capabilities, we make proposals that meet diversified needs.
EMS (board mounting/electronic manufacturing service) 
Mainly backed by the production know-how as well as reliable technology which we have nurtured for many years, and by the flexibility as well as abundant achievements which we, an independent EMS company, have, we provide the electronic manufacturing service (EMS) which supports clients' manufacturing processes. 
In 1972, ARS Co., Ltd. started assembling crossbar switchboards. Since then, we have accumulated a rich record of producing products for various fields while cooperating with clients inside and outside Japan. The products include equipment for industrial purposes, medical use, automobiles, communication, and amusement. In order to respond to clients' needs, we have achieved a total solution in which all processes (design, development, board mounting, assembly, inspection, packaging, and shipment) are carried out in an integrated fashion.   
Features of EMS provided by ARS Co., Ltd.
-One-stop system: Reducing the risks and cost related to transportation, reducing lead-time, and achieving high reliability through integrated quality control  
-"Manufacturing products in Japan": Controlling production in factories located in Japan, and assigning qualified or certified workers with high levels of knowledge and technique
-Flexible responses such as undertaking a single process and successive processes, performing high-mix low-volume production, developing prototypes, and carrying out alternate production  
-Integrating the EMS with semiconductor assembly technology to carry out processes such as performing bare chip mounting, producing MCM (multi-chip modules), and enabling COB (chip on board)
-Ability to perform lead-free soldering and eutectic (leaded) soldering 

Outline of our production lines
-SMT (surface-mount technology) lines
8 lines
-Max. board size
L 510 mm x W 460 mm
-Representative equipment
3D board appearance inspection equipment
Electrical inspection equipment (FCT/ICT)
Solder baths (jet/static)
Router type board splitter
Laser marker equipment
Defluxing equipment

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