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KARUI Co., Ltd.

Our company, founded in 1916, is the pioneer in Japan to produce chipper shredders and tree crushers. We have both history and a proven track record in the manufacture and sale of agricultural pumps and tree crushers.

Our company was the first company invited to Yamagata Prefecture from Ehime Prefecture in 1939, and we now mainly make tree crushers.
Karui Co. Ltd. was the first manufacturer to produce tree crushers in Japan, and our manufacturing, processing, assembly, and coating processes are firmly integrated. 
Our products are used by a wide range of users, including those in the livestock and landscaping industries. 
Karui has gradually improved the crushers’ performance and the operating safety and has incorporated user feedback into its current products. 
For the first time, we installed a blower assembly that is attached to a snow blower onto a crusher seven years ago to facilitate the transportation of chips.
The crushed chips are mainly used as fertilizers for rice paddies and fields.  Tree crushers, which reduce waste and improve the soil quality by turning waste into a resource such as fertilizer, are outstanding products from an ecological point of view. 

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Sales Pitch

[Main products]
 Farm pumps: canal pumps, engine pumps, fluid fertilizers (pesticides), and fixed amount injection pumps
 Wood grinders: garden trees, fruit trees, bamboo, seashells, and chestnut  
[Our strengths]
Our strengths are our high-quality products that have passed the inspection criteria by the Ministry of Agriculture and the technological abilities that led to us receiving the Science and Technology Agency Director-General’s Award.
[Processing content]
Welding, surface treatment (coating), machining (cutting, grinding, polishing), design, machine assembly (finished product), product development, and design (machine)
[Future outlook]
In the future, we are planning to expand into government-related management, which is an area in which we have previously not been heavily involved.  For example, in Yamagata Prefecture, we are coordinating with the local manufacturers to develop machines that are wanted by farmers in Yamagata.  While Yamagata Prefecture is known for fruit growing, so much so that it is called “the fruit kingdom,” wood grinder use has not been very widespread among the farmers.  This is not unique to Yamagata but a general trend throughout the Tohoku Region.  We are therefore striving to make wood grinders more familiar to the local people.  When working with local people, we spend more time with our customers, which makes it easier to listen to their opinions.  We are would like to foster deeper connections with the local community.
[Five reasons to choose a Karui pump]
❶ Unique design with high versatility. 
The unique design uses an open-type impeller, allowing a diverse range of implementations at high and low pressures.  Its many implementations include lotus root digging, watering in agricultural greenhouses, and melting snow.  These highly versatile pumps are used for supplying water to sprinkler trucks. 
❷ Canal Pumps SS25, SS40, and SS50: half a million total sales 
The total sales of Canal Pumps (SS25, SS40, and SS50) have exceeded half a million units since the company’s founding in 1965. This large support is owing to its wide applicability. 
[Strengths of our crusher products]
Karui Chipstar Wood Grinder. This grinder is a free hammer type,; therefore, it wears little and rarely needs to be sharpened. With its automatically adjusting bite type roller and centrifugal clutch, it allows automatic grinding that respond to changes in load, even for long branches. This allows it to be operated safely, as it requires less manpower to use without overloading the engine. 
[Seven reasons to choose a Karui crusher]
❶ It does not require much force to move and use; therefore, it is also easy for women and old people to operate.
❷ Moves powerfully on inclined grounds, such as mountains and hills. 
❸ Every model is equipped with rollers. 
➍ Maintenance does not require tools. 
➎ Equipped with blower-type exhaust nozzles. The direction can be changed freely. 
❻ This product design reflects the requests of our customers. 
➐ It is durable to an extent such that there are customers who have been using the same machine for over 10 years. 



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