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Reliable, secure, high-strength building-material products that put quality first

We manufacture steel beams for general wooden houses. CeraFrame (steel underfloor beams), a developer of Ceraport. We support a wide range of applications from the design to manufacture of building hardware for housing.

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New building materials for housing construction in northern areas
We use unique designs, with steeply sloping roofs that accentuate the house, to create new housing with free ideas, such as the widespread use of bay windows and skylights, to realize “the construction of houses that are long-term assets.” In addition, the use of CeraFrame makes the piping of the heating and ventilation systems, which are indispensable in houses in  northern areas, more straightforward, which is useful when building energy-saving houses with less heat and energy loss. CeraFrame is a product that is designed using precise structural calculations and even robot welding, and it is playing a major role as a new building material for housing in  northern areas.
CeraFrame is a product that is evenly designed using precise structural calculations and robot welding.

Features of the CeraFrame construction method
(1) Support stones for the floor and the independent foundation are no longer required, which is a countermeasure against frost heaving in winter.
(2) The required quantity of residual soil treatments is reduced, which leads to a reduced environmental burden and lower costs by reducing waste.
(3) Can be used to shorten construction periods.
(4) Using it as the floor beams for the 2nd floor makes it possible to design large spaces on both the upper and lower floors.
Product strengths
As all of our welding processes are performed by welding robots, CeraFrame is manufactured under highly controlled welding and quality control systems. We have also established a product traceability system that enables the work process and steel number of our sold products to be tracked, and they can be used with confidence. We have filed original utility model registrations for the slide functions and shapes of end brackets, and we offer the only product in Japan with the same shape and function.

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