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Selling (recycled or processed) plastic raw materials and planning as well as selling plastic products 

As for the business of recycling plastics, we crush and pelletize approx. 20,000 tons of plastic annually. In addition, we engage in research & development and in a waste plastic recycling business under industry-academia-government collaboration. By doing these, we contribute to the creation of an advanced recycling society.

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Business fields
High-grade recycled plastic materials
The introduction of new "twin-screw granulation equipment" has enabled us to provide recycled plastic materials whose quality is far better than that of conventional ones. We provide a series of products that are used for automobile parts which are required to have characteristics such as high rigidity, impact strength, stability, and reliability.  
System of collecting, disposing of, and recycling waste plastics
Waste plastics are completely processed for recycling domestically, clarifying the flow of such waste. If your company wishes to watch the waste disposal process, your company is very welcome to do so.
In order for the original properties of a material to not be degraded due to recycling and for the recycled material, "which maintains a value equivalent to the original material's value," to be returned to society again, we have established an in-house Material Laboratory which has an enriched environment to allow our researchers to actively engage in research. The research results are reflected in quality stabilization to strengthen process management and quality check systems.
Research and development
Complying with the government's 3R Roadmap, OHMI BUSSAN Inc. is promoting a system of development in cooperation with local organizations or industries, governments, or academic institutes, so as to further increase the grade of recycled materials.
At the same time, under the guidance from the Industrial Research Center of Shiga Prefecture, The University of Shiga Prefecture, and Ryukoku University, we actively research and develop new materials as well as products and receive various advice from them.
In addition, we engage in co-development with manufacturers of materials for physical property regulation and manufacturers of coloring materials.

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