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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:47

j-phonic Co., Ltd.

Sensaphonics is loved around the world

We manufacture silicon-made ear monitors and earplugs that boast the best sound insulation performance in the world.  Our users include renowned musicians in the music industry, and we are developing products for the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss on an ongoing basis.  Our molding processing, which uses medical silicon that was developed in-house, is unique and unlike any other company.  Our brand has the highest usage rate in the music industry in both Japan and the US. 

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Sales Pitch

Supports music with the world’s best sound quality
Protect your hearing with high sound insulation performance
Excessive noise is extremely dangerous and can potentially lead to hearing loss.  However, this device can protect the hearing of the people in jobs where working in a noisy environment is unavoidable, by reducing noise to safe volume while enabling clear communication. Concerts, with their high volume levels, also carry a risk of causing noise-induced hearing loss. The excellent sound reduction properties of the silicon ear mold can protect the hearing of musicians, while allowing accurate monitoring to improve performance quality.  Its sound reduction properties achieved a world-best 34-dB reduction in every acoustic range, including at difficult-to-reduce low ranges. In the 8-khz high range, it achieved a particularly astonishing 45-dB noise reduction.  Moreover, flexible silicon is soft on one's ears, and it is more safe and comfortable than hard plastic products.  Furthermore, as it uses medical silicone, it has high durability that allows long-term use without compromising softness. 
Product benefits
This earphone has world-class noise reduction properties.  It can protect our hearing ability and ensure communication in noisy environments.  Our product development is led by a hearing specialist who has been invited to expert meetings of the WHO, and we are developing various tools for cutting-edge ear safety.  Our earphones are increasingly being adopted by music professionals. The ear monitor is based on the sound proofing technology that has made us the top brand in Japan and the USA.  It has taken us 15 years since we started developing techniques to freely shape silicon, which was once considered to be impossible to process, to release our product. However, similar products have still not been produced by other companies.  The energy of audio volume for hearing is believed to be reduced by 50% when it is lowered by 3 dB. The usage of our product naturally lowers the volume and reduces the risk of damage owing to the sound.  Damage to hearing not only ruins a person’s health, but it also stops them working for as long as the noise problem continues. Thus, this product can reduce treatment and insurance costs. 
Concert venue ear monitors for musicians. 
Drivers in indie car raced working in very noisy environments. 
NASA astronauts
Our earplugs do not change the character (sound quality) of music and are used by classical musicians.
Hearing protection and communication in areas with high noise, such as factories, mines and oil drilling stations. 

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