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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:06

Syntex Co., Ltd.

Toward a new era with digital sheet metalworking — we deliver the highest levels of satisfaction and reliability to our customers

Our company mainly manufactures medical equipment (X-ray CT scanners, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, magnetic resonance tomography equipment (MRI)), other equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment (switchgear, transformer), in addition to our brand products, chair-type stairlifts, platform lifts, and precision sheet metal working parts.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our company is a manufacturer of stairlifts and platform lifts. As for our stairlifts, we have separate lineups for straight and curved stairs and indoor and outdoor use. The platform lifts can resolve heights of up to 240 cm. We put the highest priority in quality. Please make use of our Tascal series in your everyday life. Besides, on average, we currently produce 4,000 items per month (the average quantity per item is about five pieces) with a short delivery period (usually, each product needs a lead time of 14 days), but maintain an average synchronization rate with customers at 98%.
Product/technology outline
Regarding the chair type stairlift, various products are available to suit the planned installation site, such as an indoor staircase, outdoor staircase, straight staircase, and curved staircase. A stair lift refers to a chair that a drive unit moves along the slope of the stairs, and we manufacture chair type stairlifts. Among others, we have delivered a great many units for irregular outdoor stairs. As for the platform lifts, you can easily eliminate level differences that can obstruct wheelchair users. The high-performance products are offered at affordable prices. The platform lifts eliminate level differences by moving a table (basket) vertically, like an elevator, to dissolve the level difference. Further, we manufacture platform lifts that can move up to 2.4 m in height.
About business matching
By using a systematic method, our company manufactures sheet metal parts of mechanical equipment, such as medical equipment (X-ray CT scanners, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, magnetic resonance imaging equipment (MRI)), and power transmitting/transforming equipment (switching devices and transformers) for high-mix low-volume production. We also develop, design, and manufacture chair type stairlifts under our brand, "Tascal.” In our thinking, it is essential to have “speed” in responding to changes, to realize “low cost” improvements always from the customer’s perspective, and to cause “innovation” by shifting away from what seems normal. It is critical to keep these things in “mind”. We call it “SLIM” by combining the initial letters, and we believe that machines, people, and space should be slim. Based on this concept, we envision how the elderly and their families will live, and what constitutes ‘usability.’ The resulting R&D and philosophy are accumulated and reflected in our products.

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