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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:44


We provide a platform for identity confirmation through website creation, app design, and voiceprint authentication services.

We provide a platform for the identity confirmation through website creation, app creation, and voiceprint authentication services. We also develop apps that work with external hardware such as cameras, GPS, API, and IoT and apps such as KOEPASS, which uses voiceprint recognition, authentication, and synthesis to realize voice-enabled UIs. 

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Service overview
Voiceprint authentication application "KOEPASS"
 The system can complete identity verification within the smartphone using voice recognition, and brings identity verification onto an IoT platform.  This IoT platform makes concert tickets or membership cards unnecessary. It prevents unauthorized usage and provides safe services by ensuring the user is a single individual.  Moreover, users do not have to worry about unauthorized usage even if they lose their phone, which makes it safe to use. 
 As the platform manages the usage information for the various services provided through it by linking them to user accounts, it also gathers big data.  This big data can be used to improve individual services and productivity, through the use of AI and professional technology.
 As it can also be used overseas, it can be used as an international unified platform to prove a user’s identity all over the world. 
≪KOEPASS product examples≫
Ticket machines and identification machines are no longer necessary, as these operations can be completed on a smartphone using “IoT Pass.”
Prevents resale around the world through its “Voice Ticket,” used for identity verification. 
Membership services can be utilized without the need for a membership card, and the system can be used for checking in through “Voice Passport”.
Improves safety through multifactor identification and identification coordination through “KOEPASS Security Connect”.
And many more.
App creation
Applications for iPhone and Android. Our company was originally established as an application development company. Therefore, we have rich experience and numerous previous achievements in application development. 
In addition to coordination between servers and APIs, we are also skilled at coordination with IoT devices and beacons. Applications are commonly developed using Xcode and Android Studio. Xcode and Android Studio enable iPhone and Android apps to perform with the least cost and offer smaller downloadable sizes of applications.  Moreover, one does not need to worry about licenses or future development environments, which makes them optimal development environments. When gaming or visual effects are important, we also use some Unity in development. 
≪Development examples≫
Support for Earth Friends Tokyo Z and Kamata: “Z Application”
Support for Shiga United BC and Shiga: “U Appli Baseball Club”
Support for an application for foreign visitors: “”
Used in local SF events: “Official App of Harukon”
Medical record applications
Official apps for major streaming services. 
Official reservation systems for major stores.
Official apps for major restaurants.
And many more.
Creation of homepages
We develop web applications such as websites, commerce (EC) websites, business website (SCM), web services, and API. We have a wide understanding of front-, middle- and back-end development, and develop ways to improve their coordination within the application. 
We use CakePHP as our development framework, in order to develop quickly and at low cost.  Naturally, for front ends, we can provide easy-to-use and understand UIs by combining HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery.
≪Product examples≫
Interdisciplinary research organization “Japan Society for Distributive Sciences”
An information center for Wonderful Koga’s “Toriaezu i Koga Project”
We are currently looking for new souvenir ideas for use in the “Shiga Gyutto Souvenir Contest”
A painting and sculpture school for children in Ota Ward called “ecvo Painting Room”
Management of school business under our School Management services
And many more.
Cloud service
This is a cloud-type service that can be used after a simple registration. 
“Mintomo Web Service” effectively supports sales promotion. 
The “KOEPASS EC Shop” is easy-to-use and accessible. 
The “KOEPASS Electronic Membership Card” is easy-to-use and accessible. 
“on ToDo” provides a ToDo-based attendance management service. 
 And many more.
Our other activities include production of AR/VR content, games, attendance management software, client/deal/case management software and work optimization software, the organization of events through our event promotion software service, and the production of differentiated goods in collaboration with the specialized printing company Aporo Seisakusho.

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