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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:45

Showa Rubber Co., Ltd.

Showa Rubber uses its technical abilities to propose a new functionality for rubber

We have developed optimum formulation to meet a wide range of customer needs, including softness, hardness, high strength, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, hygiene, transparency, hollow bodies, and composites. We will provide the formulated rubber or customized mixed-rubber that is made into a sheet according to the customer needs, i.e., color, amount, and size.

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Sales Pitch

Production system on request
We are capable of producing both small and large products.
 We can accommodate small lots and tight deadlines. 

Our company is equipped with advanced facilities and devices that enable the production of both small and large products through molding. 
As we conduct an in-house integrated production of everything from mixture design and trial manufacturing, to inspection, mass production, quality control, and shipment control,
we are able to offer flexible products to fulfil our customers’ requests, such as 
limiting the stock cost for products that are needed immediately. 
Product groups with excellent anticorrosion performance
Corrosion protection by rubber is required in many fields, including the alkali industry, chemical plants, water treatment (pure water production and waste water treatment), flue gas desulfurization, iron manufacturing, power generation, and the food industry. 
Our rubber linings attach rubber with high anticorrosion properties to the insides of chemical storage tanks for acids or alkalis, reaction chambers, and pipes to prevent corrosion. 
Rubber gaskets are used to retain ion exchange membranes in the alkali industry.  Rubber protects well from corrosion by chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, and caustic soda.
Compression diaphragms are used for solid–liquid separation at waste water treatment facilities in common chemical plants. 

Our company offers more than 20 types of lining materials including the lining materials introduced by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
We also offer diaphragm sheets in diverse materials to satisfy the requirements of our customers.
Showa Rubber's own product
(1) Non-fatigue mats
Makes standing work less tiring. 
The bumps at both sides distribute your weight evenly and reduce the load on your legs and back.

[Product benefits]
In addition to the normal version with flame-resistant properties, there are also antistatic and oil resistant types.  Moreover, it is durable and can be used outdoors.

Manufacturing work, maintenance work, kitchens, cashiers.
Showa Agriculture Mat
For snow removal and support for raising seedlings.
The warmth of a heater inside rubber can melt snow and support the raising of seedlings in the winter. 

[Product benefits]
Temperature rapidly rises and the heat is distributed evenly.  It can be conveniently rolled up and stored when not required, and it is durable to an extent such that it will not break if people stand on it or if cars drive over it. 

Manufacturing, domestic use, faming, and parking lots.

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