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With the core of accumulated technology from the analog power supply for Sharp TV set and the conditioner for solar power, we provide analog power supplies and related products. We deploy our products to solar power conditioners and power supplies for LED lighting and industrial equipment, and we can support a wide range of power bands in our products, ranging from a few W class to 10 kW class. Our development environment contains all the equipment needed for power source evaluations, including an anechoic chamber, noise level meters, constant temperature baths, thermal cycle testers, lightning surge testers, and electrostatic testers. 

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Sales Pitch

Entrusted with planning/design development/manufacturing of various power supplies and power-related products
We propose products that meet the needs of customers with analog power supply technology at the core. For your power supply needs, choose Niigata Electronics.
Power supplies are components that convert alternate current from commercial power sources, or unstable direct current from batteries, into stable direct current that can be used by devices. They are akin to the “heart” of electronic devices.  Advanced technology is required for power supplies to consistently perform at 100%, even if the same parts are always used.  Our company offers not only AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies but also various other power supply parts, including DC/AC inverters and charging/discharging circuits for battery-powered products.  Moreover, 70 of our employees, which is about half of our total headcount, are technical staff. They are experienced in various fields including mechanics, software, optics, and production technology in addition to analog power source technology.  If you having issues owing to the shortage of technicians in recent years, we can assist you as an ODM consignee. With our perfect development system, we come up with power supplies that hold additional value to meet the needs of our customers.
Product benefits
We offer differentiation through QCD by offering high quality, trustworthiness, diversity, and guaranteed deadlines that are only possible in products that are designed and made in Japan.  We have solid experience that we have accumulated over the course of 30 years since our analog power source technology operations started with the design, development, and production of analog power sources for TVs made by Sharp Corporation.  We have expanded to diverse fields including the power conditioner for solar panels, power sources for LED light, and power sources for industrial machinery. One of the features of our products is that we can accommodate a wide range of electric powers from the low range of a few watts to the 10-kW class.  Our development environment contains all the equipment needed for power source evaluations, including anechoic chambers, decibel meters, constant temperature baths, thermal cycle testers, surge testers, and electrostatic testers, which enables us to develop trustworthy products.  Moreover, we have an integrated in-house supply chain, enabling central control of development, production, and market quality control. 
Expected application
Our main products are internal power sources for lighting makers, our company's standard power sources and proposals for their semi-customization.  We are planning to expand their usage in industrial machines and energy.  For industrial purposes, we are envisaging DC/DC power sources for charging and discharging, for use in robots and AGV that require batteries for their operation.  In the field of renewable energy, we are envisaging expansion into custom power conditioners and invertor units for the use of wind and hydraulic power in fuel cells. 
Energy storage/power supply systems that can be used for disaster prevention and BCP
A portable power storage system equipped with a high-efficiency inverter
Made with Japanese lithium ion batteries, with a large capacity of 1,088 Wh. You can use power effectively by using an inverter with a high efficiency of 92%. UPS mode comes as a standard feature, which means the power supplies can also be used as a backup for desktop computers.  We also offer optional solar panel power charging functionality. 

[Product benefits]
A high power inverter enables the powering of devices that consume large amount of power, and can be used in a diverse range of applications such as microwaves and rotator loads.

・Inspection of electric power facilities.
・Disaster prevention equipment.
・For work at sites without power.
・Set products for LED lamp makers.
・Disaster prevention preparation in government buildings. 
・Disaster prevention or anti-BCP equipment in offices.
・As a device to prevent shutdowns during power cuts.
・Equipment used in work at sites that lack power.
・For camping and outdoor activities.
Vehicle-connected power supply that can be connected to a vehicle to use electric appliances
It can be used in inverters, booster cables, 12-v batteries for general vehicles and 24-v batteries for large vehicles.  As it has a sine wave output, it can also be used on delicate devices such as personal computers. 

[Product benefits]
With a high efficiency inverter and a booster cable that takes power loss into consideration, the power generation abilities of vehicles can be effectively utilized. 

Disaster prevention preparation in government buildings. 
Disaster prevention or anti-BCP equipment in offices.
As a device to prevent shutdowns during power cuts.
Equipment used in work at sites that lack power.
For camping and outdoor activities.

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