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Integrated manufacturer of blowers and dust collectors

To improve the working environment and to protect the environment, we have developed a blower that can respond to any installation site or operating environment and various coolant devices that can be equipped with a range of different options.  We develop, manufacture, and sell environmental cleanup equipment, including centralized dust collectors that improve the efficiency of cleaning and maintenance. 

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Continue to take on the challenge of technology with a sense of playfulness
Ultra-small and high-efficiency motor
A super-small, high-power, and highly efficient motor that uses a Halbach array.
With 10-kw output, a maximum output speed 10,000 rpm/min and a weight of 14 kg, this is a small and light motor that achieves a large output. 

[Product benefits]
The motor can be built into a diverse range of mechanisms as it is small, light, has less vibration at high revolutions, and has minimal revolution loss.

As the air source motor for vacuum cleaners and air blowers. 
As the motor for rotating devices such as centrifugal separators. 
Dust collector
1. Multifunctional: ideal for factories
2. Stainless steel: perfect for clean room
3. Small and quiet: ideal for saving space
4. Sludge/Dirty water suction: ideal for public works and construction sites 
DM series
This is a turbo blower with a fan that is attached directly to a special motor.
Its strength is the small installation space that it requires.  Using an inverter significantly increases its applicability. 
For adsorptive immobilization of tablets and other products.

DL (DH) series 
Our standard model that uses a three-phase motor.
We also offer a DH (vertical) series that saves space.
The air supply for gas burners. 

DC series
This series is used in area explosion protection (increased safety type), and for sucking away humid air. 
For coating lines and explosion-protected areas.

BDA (IDA) series
This model is equipped with a cooler in order to constantly provide air at a stable temperature. 
For the air cushioning of paper feeders in printers.

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