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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:16


Our company manufactures electrical and mechanical parts. We provide a large number of parts, such as screwless terminal blocks capable of reducing wiring and connection labor. The terminal blocks lead to significant work process reduction because no special tools are necessary. Our products include parts convenient for servicing and maintenance.

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Screwless terminal blocks
Screwless terminal blocks allow easy and one-touch wiring and connection. They are widely used in various industrial fields.

"Screwless terminal block for relay"
This product enables the user to greatly reduce work processes by setting a lock function on operation buttons without using special tools.
You can use single and stranded wires. Stranded wires may be up to 2.0 square millimeters.
Poles can be increased on the spot because connection is easy.
The color variations of the operation buttons help prevent erroneous operations.
You can use the product repeatedly because you can insert and remove wires through button operations.

■ Lifestyle-related
Gardening equipment / Special equipment for cold areas / Household appliances / Digital broadcasting equipment / Business equipment (Kitchen equipment, etc.)
■ Environment-related
Various detectors / analyzers / various cleaning equipment / environmental analyzers / recycling machines
■ Amusement & Entertainment
Pachinko / pachislot / game / hall-related equipment
■ Security
Surveillance camera / repeater / receiver / sensor / IP rack / surveillance controller / Entry and exit monitoring device / Various broadcasting equipment / Electronic key / NCU / Central meter reading device / Switcher / Image processing device / Shoplifting prevention device / Card reader / Fire alarm / Automatic recognition / CCTV, etc.
■ Energy
Gas related equipment / Water related equipment / Electric power related equipment / Solar related equipment / Wind related equipment / Fuel cell related equipment, etc.
■ Distribution logistics
Motor roller / Conveyor / Parking system / Automatic conveyor / Information panel / Automatic packaging equipment / Vending machine / Showcase / Distribution logistics saving wiring device / Traffic related equipment / Signaling equipment
■ New sales channel
Electronic material distribution / communication member distribution / power member distribution / mail order distribution / home improvement / Convenience store distribution, etc.
■ Housing related
Door phone / Lighting equipment / Electric curtain / Ventilation fan / Heat exchanger / Elevator / Hot water heater / Floor heater / Monitoring device / Distribution board / Bathroom dryer / Air conditioner / Automatic door / Electric shutter, etc.
■ FA
Measuring instruments / various monitors / sensors / transformers / robots / Mounting device / Inspection device / Actuator / Power supply device / Automatic recognition device / Flow meter / Sequencer (PLC) / Inverter / Driver / Measuring instruments / Semiconductor manufacturing equipment / FA wiring saving equipment, etc.
■ Information and communication
Switching equipment / base stations / transmission equipment / modular equipment / EMC equipment / FTTH related equipment / Video conference equipment, etc.
■ Medical welfare
Electric Bed / Medical Equipment / Nurse Call / Electric Vehicle / Health treatment device / health and beauty device / care device / lift / Home elevators, etc.
Fuse holder with fusing display function
Screwless connection to the fuse holder is now possible.
Our company can increase the number of poles by attachment to a DIN rail or connection. This fuse holder is available for crossover wiring.
You can use the fuse folder with peace of mind because of finger protection (electric shock prevention structure).
We also support individual management (traceability) and ferrules.

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