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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:41

sanokikou. Co., Ltd.

We are a one-stop shop for everything from trial development to mass production

We perform an integrated in-house production of a wide range of parts such as automotive parts, electronic parts, housing-related parts, and living ware from dies/molds design to manufacturing, handmade trial manufacturing, and press processing for mass production.  There are many different kinds of processing materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, phosphor bronze, ribbon steel, mild steel, and colored steel, and the plate thickness is of a wide range of 0.1–3.2 mm. We have a range of our own products under development, including the Catchmaster Pro series, pure copper baskets, brass hair catchers, etc. 

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Three Sano Kiko
Precision leaf spring processing
We produce precision board springs using our in-house integrated production system that includes trial manufacturing, design and production of dies and molds for mass production, handmade trial manufacturing for function verification, and mass production using pressing. 
From single items to composite assembly
We conduct assembly of a small lot, handmade prototypes, and semi-mass-produced pressed products at our own assembly plant. We can accommodate every process required from component production to assembly. 
Moreover, we can also accommodate a diverse range of assembly types, such as assembly of part sets made by press machines. 
From prototype to mass production
We have several years of experience in trial manufacturing; therefore, we can offer many ideas for the production of prototype molds and dies and molds for mass production. 
We can produce handmade molds, prototype molds for function verification, and dies and molds for mass production.  We also standardize the mold parts from prototype to mass production and use the same parts wherever possible to reduce costs. 
We also have a small YAG laser welding device installed on our CCD injection machine, which enables us to conduct temporary tacking prior to processing. 
Sano Kiko's own product
Fix without tying, untangle without cutting.
 Optimal rope installation with easy operation. 

“Fix without tying, untangle without cutting”. Our method allows the easy and secure installation of ropes on traffic cones or bollards, which have a simple shape and are often used for traffic control and in event venue settings. The rope will not come off when it is tight, and it can be easily untangled when it is slack.  It can also be used in sudden layout changes, through fixing, extension, tightness adjustment of slack parts, and winding and forking of the ropes. It can also be used for a diverse range of purposes, including installation of temporary gates.  As it is lighter and smaller than the bars typically used on traffic cones, it can reduce the amount of material needed, weight and workload. 

[Product benefits]
As they are light, not bulky and are easy-to-use, fixture and installation of ropes can be done quickly by women or people who are not familiar with more complex forms of ropework. Tape or thinner ropes can also be used. The product is light and small, making it easy to carry and retrieve, which makes work more efficient.  We can also prepare custom-made products and add options, such as reflective finishes, buoyancy and phosphorescence, depending on the environment in which the customer will be using it. The product received the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency Award in 2015. Patent pending.

Traffic control for crime prevention and disaster control.
Venue event setup and space demarcation.
Everyday outdoor situations that require rope work. 
Security-related products
Catch Master Pro -Cerberus-
Restrain a person instantly. This is effective equipment in an attack. It is an innovative man catcher that utilizes a plate-spring mechanism.

Catch Master Pro -Fudo•Kengi-
An opponents’ wrists and ankles can be restrained in one action from a safe distance. The device is also equipped with a multipurpose pole that can be used for poking and hooking.

New small man catcher -Benkei-
Light, small, multipurpose, and practical. 
New type of man catcher that is easy to use and suitable for women. 

Catch Master Pro -KONG-
Reversed R-shape shield that can attach to Cerberus.
It enables a suspect to be restrained and pushed down while protecting the safety of the user. 
Antimicrobial copper household goods
Pure copper baskets for kitchens (shallow and deep types)
This trash receptacle reduces the unpleasant sliminess and the smell of drainage by utilizing the antibacterial effects of copper.

Pure copper traps for kitchen drains
An odor-stopper that limits bacterial growth around the water seals of drains, reducing the sliminess and odor. 

Pure copper triangular sink tidies for kitchens
These limit the growth of the bacteria that cause sliminess and bad smells, and reduce the workload when using sink. 

Brass hair catchers for bathrooms.
It catches hair all at once by using the flow of water.  The antibacterial effects of brass limit the sliminess.

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