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Supporting Monozukuri craftsmanship through painting

We specialize in coating small parts. Sizes are less than 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm. We offer coating for metal, resin, soft materials, and non-adhesive materials. Over the years, we have received as many as 100 new orders for coatings a year, and we are confident in our expertise.  We can offer both trial manufacturing and mass production. 

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Continue to change and challenge ourselves
Waren Coat
Coating and vapor deposition is possible on soft materials. This method can be used for the coating of non-stick materials such as PE and silicon. 
It allows the coating of materials such as PE (polyethylene) and silicon, which have long been thought to be impossible to paint, using existing urethane coatings.  The adhesion is of a high enough level to pass both grid tests and tape tests. The coating sticks to the material even if you twist or bend it. Another characteristic of the coating is that it stretches with the material. 

[Product benefits]
Superior adhesion.
The coating stays on the material.

Leather products such as bags or wallets (synthetic leather products)
Enamel products such as shoes
Rubber products
Silicon products
Medical products
Achieved a defect rate of less than 1% in a clean room
At Okuma Koto, we are equipped with a clean room that has a process to particularly remove waste completely.  Furthermore, we receive instructions from external consultants and have much experience in solving similar problems, making our antiwaste and dust solutions perfect.
Paint consulting
Coating that is diverse and yet highly specialized. Painting your home and painting your car is totally different. Most coating companies specialize in one field such as painting on metal or painting on resin.  Moreover, those that are specialized in coating metal are then divided into those who focus on iron, aluminum, or other metals, making the field highly specialized. 
Of course, if you only need to "paint", any company could do it. However, if a coater doesn't have specialized knowledge and skills, quality would get affected over time.  Moreover, this could lead to unnecessary costs.
Therefore at Okuma Koto, we propose four types of optimizations for products that our customers want to coat namely, i.e., coating, coating method, management, and cost.

1. Coating
We work with paint makers in a different way to other companies.  Other companies usually work with only one or two producers. However, we work with six different makers, each with their own areas of expertise. 
We also collaborate with makers to develop new paints. In the past, we have commercialized the “TOTO Cigaless Coat” and “Silicon Coat.” 
Through this wide connection with makers and our record of solid achievements, we are able to propose “optimal” paint. 
※ We also offer advice on development. 

2. Coating method
Our company can coat any material, including metal, resin, rubber, and glass.  We propose optimal coating methods for each product based on our rich experience and the skills that we have learned over the years. 

3. Management
We became ISO-certified, which is rare among coating companies, in 2004.  Moreover, from our experience in working with every type of industry, including automobile and household electronic appliances, we have accumulated sound knowledge of quality control at many different companies.  We can therefore propose optimal methods for in-house management for each of our customers. 

4. Cost
By optimizing three aspects, namely coatings, coating methods, and management, we can help achieve an optimal cost. We will never implement unnecessary reductions or increases. 

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