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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:49

Asahi Kasei Co.,Ltd.

Vacuum molding of packing or packaging materials, trays, blister packs, etc. by using wooden models

By using technology for mass-producing vacuum molded products with the use of wooden models, we produce trays for food, industrial components, or products, clear cases, or the like on a build-to-order basis. We have an integrated production system in which we perform processes from wooden model production to molding in our company. We have strengths in high-quality production, in proposing capabilities that achieve a high customer satisfaction rating, and in swift response.

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Product introduction
Vacuum molding with wooden models
Regarding vacuum molding with wooden models, long-time research by K. K. Asahi Kasei has achieved the precision and durability that go beyond normal vacuum molding with wooden models. Using artificial wood (medium-density fiberboard [MDF]) and processing it with our original method dramatically improved the durability of wooden models. Just one produced wooden model enables the manufacturing of products in units of millions. 
In addition to durability, precision is also improved. In order to program the formation of wooden models, we use a CAD/CAM system which is the same as that for forming metal molds. Wooden model formation by an NC router achieves product precision that is as good as the precision of products produced with metal molds. The tolerance of the wooden models is merely 0.05 mm. In addition, the cost of producing a wooden model is about one-third of that of producing a metal mold. The wooden models of K. K. Asahi Kasei are by far better than metal molds in terms of cost.
"Eco-Starch", biomass plastic optimum for producing diversified products in small lots
The initial cost required for "vacuum molding with wooden models" adopted by us is about one-third of that required for vacuum molding with metal molds. By combining our molding method with "Eco-Starch", biomass plastic which can be purchased in small lots, we provide the unprecedented new service of "producing diversified biomass plastic trays in small lots".
*Regarding "producing and selling biomass plastics or the like the various types of which can be produced in small quantities", we received "authorization related to plans for developing new business fields in which organizations in different fields collaborate with each other (Kyushu No. 36, 20131211)" from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in February 2014.
Functional sheet materials
We are able to provide functionality for sheet materials. Providing sheets with functions such as cold resistance, heat resistance, and anti-static properties enables the production of trays suitable for various purposes. 
For example, when cold resistance properties are provided for sheets, we can produce trays suitable for the frozen storage of food, and when heat resistance properties are provided for them, we can produce trays suitable to be heated in a microwave oven or the like. Furthermore, since static electricity and dust must be avoided for precision electronic components that are being transported or stored, we are able to provide trays with an antistatic function.

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