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Brightening your life and your smile

We perform mechanical plumbing/wiring, power and lighting for factories and plumbing and wiring for general household use.  We have developed a safety cover for plugs (Safety Pick) and a power switching system for use during power failures (Elecpeace) as our own products.  This is utilized as a countermeasure for power outages during disasters or emergencies (earthquakes and thunderstorms)

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Sales Pitch

Pursuing "convenience", "energy savings" and "addressing environmental issues" with an abundance of knowledge and experience related to electricity
Power failure prevention - Power switching device "Elecpiece"
Offering comfort during power cuts caused by disasters.
“Elecpiece” is a system that safely supplies electricity to buildings such as evacuation shelters during power cuts by using electricity from an external source, such as a generator, solar panel, hybrid vehicle (HV), electric vehicle (EV), plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) or fuel cell vehicle (FCV). Regular panel boards cannot supply electricity from external sources directly.  Therefore, we developed a special panel board with a switching function that enables the direct supply of electricity.  With this device, simultaneous usage of ceiling lights and various devices becomes possible, depending on the output of the external power source.  If an external power source with a large output is used, it can power the lighting system of a gymnasium (mercury lamps), which often serve as designated evacuation shelters. PSE and patents have been obtained. 

[Product benefits]
It can be easily and safely operated by anyone. If one were to install solar panels or fuel cells, the installation cost would be in the tens of millions of yen. However, with Elecpiece, installation at designated evacuation shelters can be achieved with very low cost, including the cost of the installation work itself. 

Preparation for disasters in evacuation shelters, family homes, office buildings, hospitals, care facilities, convenience stores, etc. 
Safety pick
Safety Pick only needs to be inserted into the power plug.

It protects the power plug and shuts out dust and humidity.
It can be easily attached to a power plug and it can safely fix the plug in place. 
It is made of silicon rubber that satisfies all standards for electrical appliances such as insulation and fire resistance. 
Business content
Piping/wiring installation of machines in factories.
Power/lamp installation in factories.
Piping/wiring installation at home.
Sales/installation/replacement/transportation of air conditioning systems. 
Maintenance of security lamps.
Construction-peripheral machines.
Sales of household electronics.
Safety covers for plugs [Safety pick]
Power switching devices for power failure prevention [Elecpiece]

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