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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:38

MHC Co., Ltd.

Providing comprehensive plastic processing technologies

Utilizing comprehensive plastic processing technology, we provide processing equipment and quality assurance systems that integrate with hydraulic servo presses, dies and molds, and automated equipment. We also offer technical consultations in related fields, such as die and mold design techniques, non-ferrous metal materials, lubrication technology and more.  Our strength is in the development of special machines.

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Development of a completely new plastic working technology field
Majestic Computational Control Hydraulic Press System
Our “MAJESTIC Press” optimally combines servomotors and gear-type oil hydraulic pumps, and can be used in CNC operation for the realization of every conceivable application of logic, through slide position control, pressure control using internal operation data, and the integration of numbers from external sensors, without the need for relief valves or pressure release valves.  As long as logic is applied, control is possible after every offset, including shrinking of dies and molds under stress, and stretching of the main press. We always design and produce using on-floor pit-less, with up to 8000-kN class performance.  We have experience especially in factories with height limits, including 600-mm stroke.
Internal thread molding machine
This machine forms an internal thread with a relatively large diameter without swarf. For instance, it can form M80-P1.5 in approximately 10 s. As it does not require rotation or movement of the workpiece and only requires fixtures, it is simple to plan and setup for mass production.  As the process involves only the rotation of the tool, its programming is easy. 
With a tool for pitch 1.5, M80 and M100 can be produced just by selecting different programs. It can also conduct processes other than screwing, including simultaneous machining of several workpieces including items with vertical grooves and a diverse range of screws.  Please see the detailed explanation below for more information.
Internal gear and cogwheel rolling machine
This machine inserts a ring- or cup-shaped piece of material into a container to form serration in the material by pressing it against a gear-shaped tool that is rotating inside the container. It is mainly used as a replacement for broaching or serration cutting using slotters.

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